Thursday, December 19, 2013

Life these days aka: my wish for you and me

I have not been writing much lately, and I was not sure why.  And I am still somewhat unclear about it.  But part of the reason is I do not want to blah blah blah about being stressed out over Christmas- again.  I just reviewed my December posts from last year, and I do recognize a pattern of feelings.  Like- overwhelmed, sad, feeling inadequate, etc.  It was quite enlightening to read, actually.

I saw someone in the grocery store the yesterday who demanded to know WHY I hadn't been sending pictures to Channel 9!!  I had to laugh, because if I go for a couple weeks without sending pix in, I do get these questions. I was actually just going to say that no one ever asks me why I haven't blogged lately, but oddly I had someone ask me THAT yesterday, as well.

So why?  Well to start, I recently tried to download a boat load of pictures (that I save in RAW format, which are HUGE files) and it told me that I didn't have enough disk space.  OH CRAP.  NOW what.  I had a techy friend tell me to get a separate external hard drive and one of the Mad-sons is going to help me figure out how to save my entire file of photos there.  this makes me a little nervous, but I do have my whole computer backed up on one, so I should be fine.  Obviously (to me at least) this has bummed me out a bit.  And when I am bummed out, I tend to shut down.  So I haven't touched my pictures really since the Madrigal dinner- which was the group of photos I was trying to download.  Please don't make fun of me for this- I'm really good figuring some stuff out on the computer, but hardware type of things throw me.  I really want to thrust the whole mess at someone and say, here do this.  Oh and btw, while you are at it, upgrade me to the latest versions of everything since lately my internet has been pretty doggy and I haven't upgraded my phone to IOS 7 either.  ugh.

There is one thing!

Why haven't I blogged lately?  Well, there is always like a badillion and one things going on in the land of the Mad-Art teacher.  And between weekly school meetings (booooooooo-unnecessary and tedious and could/should be taken care of in more expedient manners), the gym, really WINTERY weather, lists and lists of things to do......  and a super short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have been coming home and collapsing on the couch. Yes, this is denial and avoidance, don't judge me. :P

I'm also going through some big alterations in the way I am living my eating life (good lord, why should I even have an eating life?? This will be a subject of discussion soon) and dealing with major carpal tunnel problems (typing makes my hands numb) and various other things- so I haven't wanted to necessarily discuss it.  But I will!

I recently attended a conference in Minneapolis on Technology for Educators and it was way awesome.  and I want to blog about that and the fantastic ethnic food that we had!  I think I have pix of most of the food and I do remember the name of all the different places that we went!  It was AWESOME!! But again, I have a mental block with the whole pictures thing....

Anyway, that is an update for now.  The Mad second son and his lovely Sarah will be arriving with the doggies tonight and The Mad oldest son will be arriving with his lovely Sarah and my grand-girl tomorrow, so the Oswalds will again celebrate Christmas early.  As long as we are all together, this is a good thing.  I just have to think about what Christmas will be like this year (Ella is just starting to become mobile) and next (we will have 2 mobile babies then) and I realize I have to get a whole lot of outlet covers before then!  :)

So onto my last 2 days of school and then none until 2014.  It will be really good to have a week plus off.  I have plans to do some walking, snowshoeing, weightlifting and some upstairs cleaning. And a little wine drinking.  Plus a moment or two of joy-giving!

Take the time to enjoy your day, and let those Christmas gremlins go. (Debi, someone is talking to you here) Let the season happen, don't expect anything and sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised!! :)  Because really, the very best gift you can give is yourself.  Whether that comes in the form of sharing yourself through your pictures, your blog, your text and email messages, your presence and concern for the people in your life who need you or making yourself and your home open and welcoming to those who visit in person.  I hope that my friends, students, and family find peace and love with me, in whatever form that takes.  And that they can find peace and love in their own life.  The very best way to pay things forward.  Happy Happy Holidays to you!


  1. I'm pretty tech saavy, Deb,and I attempted to download my picture files to and external hard drive and it ran three days and wasn't done! I understand your reluctance. I finally had to just say stop! As to the carpal tunnel, I findfor some reason I carry my overall stress in my hands and if yself clenching them up paricularly as I fall asleep, it seems to make it a lot worse. Perhaps if you used those wraps at night for awhile it would improve your circulation in your hands while you are sleeping and would start to alleviate the problem over a couple weeks. I'd try that before the big surgeries, although my ex had that done on both hands and it was quick and had good results.

    1. Thanks so much for your response, Rachelle! I do not plan to do the surgery if I can help it. I am finding what alleviates the issues (limiting time typing and texting- lol. I should say typing, as the texting wont be limited!) (plus there are some weightlifting techniques I need to alter) and working with it, so I can find ways to help.
      The external harddrive issue will be worked on. If I have the steps clearly in my mind, I can do it. I just have to understand the download process and also the way I will be accessing my photos then.
      Hope you are finding this Christmas season joyous!