Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I miss

I miss-

Ella- I have to hold her soon or I will go bonkers

Jon and Sarah and Greg and Sarah- :(  I will see them soon I think.  Greg and Sarah will be heading up in a few weeks, and if Jon and Sarah can't get up here, I will be going south at some point in March/April.

Mike-  How can the elusive Mike live 2 miles away from me and I haven't seen his face in weeks either??

MY SISTER!!!!  ARGH  We must plan a sister weekend- I'm thinking that whole downtown Minneapolis scene might be VERY cool.  But I'd be happy with a cheap motel in a small town at this point.

Any sort of warmth in the out of doors........  and my flipflops which are sulking in a corner.......

Teaching only in one school building.  I have so many kiddos every day.  I remember when I used to teach just grade school art, and then for a while, just HS art.  I could commit so much time to prepping for different things and creating new projects and having that enthusiasm every single day.  I am on auto pilot most of the time, and barely keeping ahead of the game.  February is the toughest month in Education, guys.  Trust me on this one.

My optimism.  I want to stay in bed.  I want to run away.  I want to eat chocolate and cupcakes until I can eat no more.  I understand that there are people in this world that have it bad- and I am pretty lucky and undoubtedly spoiled in some way or another.....  however this does not make me feel all that much better.  Because it is February and it is a LONG way before we get our spring break- like not until April.  And every one is getting sick and/or testy and/or tired.

So, I will take myself off of this couch and get myself going today and do the best I can, but I am hoping to solve some of these missing issues.  soon.  please.

and THAT will give me some joy

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