Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quick hits

QUICK hits, because I miss writing this and life has been busy and yeah....  you get it.

1.  I'm over this cold. -27 this morning, that's enough.  (EEEEEEK- I just heard on the weather that it was the 45th day this winter of below zero weather- could be more up here)

2.  I've been doing some daily Instagram pix of Lola!  It is fun, find her story on Facebook or Instagram!

3. I have such dry hands and broken nails from- the dry weather, the clay we have been working with,  winter in general....  and this is obnoxious.  I think a nice trip to a tropical island is called for, but....

4. Things at work are busy and trying and noisy, but still I love my job, but there are parts that could  be eliminated and I would not complain.

5.  I sort of smashed my finger and consequently have an interesting pinch/cut on my middle finger. This put a screeching halt on my lift today- not happy.  Someone goaded me into at least doing cardio, and I did that, plus a few other things.  I sucked it up, but there was a good deal of whining and not a little cursing.

6. We have a half day tomorrow, and of course we have an inservice..... (see number 4)

7.  I am going with my buddy Adam, the Mad- English teacher, to Ashland this Saturday night and will do the Book Across the Bay!!  WOO HOO- 6 miles across Lake Superior from Ashland to Washburn. Oh I am looking forward to that!

8. Within a month or so I will see the far flung children of mine!  One way or another!!

9.  Tax season is winding up to a fever pitch.  The MA is working Saturdays and Sunday morning, won't be long and Sunday afternoon might be on the chopping block as well.  I have been the go to carrier pigeon girl lately.  

10. I have been able to find my joy every day, but wow, somedays it is hard to find something to be joyful about.  I need some color in my life.  Is it too early for daffodil watch?  Too soon??  sigh.

Anyway, along with some cleaning, and cooking and grocery shopping, my life consists of school, gym, eat, sleep - rinse and repeat.  But guess what- Scenery painting begins next week.

And on it goes.  

ALWAYS be a joy giver, y'all!

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