Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mid March update

I have been at school- 

that is about all.

The weather has been yucky (I don't want to complain about it, but I certainly could), I have been putting the finishing touches on the scenery for the play and now managing the back stage element and tonight we go on.

Unless you work in a school, you do not understand the odd dynamics of March.  The 3rd quarter has the fewest days off (this year there have been a couple), the grey and cold weather, the TOUGH parts of learning is upon us, and everyone gets twitchy and tired and cranky and to put it bluntly, students are known to do stupid things at the time of the year.  The little kids went for almost 3 weeks without being able to get outside for recess because of the below zero temps or wind chill- during the day!  Frequent acute viruses run rampant through the buildings, and many children and adults alike, seems to reach a point of feeling just a bit hopeless.  We are all sort of rallying the troops and circling the wagons (how many metaphors can I use without it being awkward here?? LOL) and just getting through the month.  It is hard to describe the atmosphere, but it is there and it is a time that has to be constantly monitored and extra emotional support needs to be given- daily, frequently and liberally.

Personally, while I took pictures of the wonderful visit by the first Oswald son and Sarah to visit since Christmas, I haven't had time to download yet.  I haven't been lucky enough to see any great sunsets.  I haven't even been able to get to the gym!!!  SOB.  So, yeah, it has been a time of getting by and getting through it and try to enjoy what is in front of you and not sit around and miss what we don't have..... like grass and warmth and birds and daffodils.  And there is that little demon known as tax season.

And so I am keeping my eye on the prize- more free time coming soon, the end of the third quarter in a week, another Oswald son and his Sarah coming soon (along with that little bonus that comes with them!), and a nice trip OUT OF TOWN that will be welcome!!  And I'm pretty sure that the MA will be home a lot more in just under a month, too.  I'm feeling the need for a driver for a photo shoot or two!!

Anyway, enough of that.  Tonight is the  first performance of our school musical and it is a SWEET little play.  Funny, fun, and lot so great dancing and really enjoyable music.  This cast of kids is so great, what a fun, sweet and kind group they are.  It is has been a pleasure to work backstage with them.  Time to don the black clothes and on with the show!

And that really does give me joy!

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