Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ready set APRIL!! plus go away snow- enough already

I have not been doing a lot of blogging lately, it seems as soon as one thing is done, I have another thing going on.  Which is pretty typical of life, isn't it?

Actually, I have not been walking as much in the last few months (stupid winter) and I realize that I compose a lot of posts while walking.  And I would have photos to show you from my walks, or at least my ability to walk freely about the property or area or whatevah.  So, there has been a bit of silence on the blog front.

So the play went well, both of my far-flung sons have visited and I am at the dawn of the day that wants to give northern WI another blast of winter and the day that will have me getting out before this happens.  I plan to hop in the car as soon as I possibly can today, and drive south before the snow up here begins.  Watching the weather I am pretty sure that I will be fine once I get over to the freeway.  The precip in central WI is supposed to be  mostly rain or slushy snow late this afternoon, so I can deal with that.  What I can't deal with is ice......  I think I am in the clear.

This weekend is baby shower weekend!  I am hitting the road because I want and need to be there for my kiddo and his wife!  AND I desperately, and I do mean that!, need a weekend out of town.  I noticed when I was packing that the last time I used my suitcase was in December for the TIES convention.....  :( 

So, I am going to go and double check my packing job, make sure I didn't put my toothbrush away last night instead of returning it to my makeup bag, and just generally tidy up and prepare.  I feel sort of bad deserting the MA at a time when he is gone from home from 8 am until 9:30 or 10 at night, but it's only for a little while longer.  I left him lots of stuff to eat, tho.  Hopefully the elusive Mike will come over and hang out with the horse and the kitties a few times.

Everyone have yourself a good Thursday, stay safe if you are up here in the snowbelt, and even if you are not!  And don't forget to be a joy giver! 

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