Saturday, April 12, 2014

Let me start to catch up- photos first

Ok, kids,

(oops I am not supposed to say that, apparently it is condescending sounding to some, but to me it sounds humorous and inclusive, so there is that!)

Oh poor poor Lola
I know I have not been on line much lately.  Well that is not true, I have been online, but not on the blog.  This blog is a place where I release some inner conversations and lately those discussions have been in closed session.  I will talk about some of it coming up in the next few days/weeks.

BUT I have been neglecting my photography a bit, for a variety of reasons, but I downloaded and edited last night after a good 5.6 mile walk.  I still have time on my hands as the MA is slaving away at work, but the end of that is near.  YAY.  As much as I like alone time, it gets old after a while when he doesn't get home until 9:30.

Momma to be SarahJane with the doggies making a snow fort
So I have a variety of pix from  long past snowy to more recent.  Pix of all sorts of things from baby showers to sunflowers and things in between.  It was FUN to do this last night, but again I am running out of room on my disc, so I have to figure out the whole external hard drive  thing ASAP.

Ella Bella and their posse
This first group, though, is more people sorts of things.

Next post is the landscapes and such.

Sleepy girl with Grandpa

Grandpa ruining pancakes for Ella by giving her syrupified ones!  LOL
Suddenly pancakes can not be unadorned. At least she like REAL syrup.
Full disclosure: Grandma gave her cake for the first time.  oops

Greg and Sarah making a snow fort- Ruger is ever hopeful someone will throw the ball

Grandma, I lost mah shoe!! 

I gotta get out there

3 generations all feeling lil Greggy and momma Sarah
Miss Maggy acting up again! 

And the cow says.....


I'm ok Gramma, don't worry!

let's go faster dad!!

Are you kidding me?? 

This woof doesn't run away like mine does

LOVE dat wild hair

LOVE that face

Uncle Ed, Bella, Dee with Greg

Bella and Ella!  2nd cousins

Shaking the dickens out of that rattle

Jon, ella and Great Grandma Kutz

Grandpa and Ella hanging out at the Pal Cafe
After 3 months without my kiddos and grand girl fix, this has been so much fun to look through these pics and post them.  Oh and of course the D-O-Gs.

This seems to be a tad Ella heavy, but I didn't think anyone would complain.  AND pretty soon she will have a spotlight to share when we welcome our little Grandboy into the family!!  Little Greggy is coming within the next month and this is SO exciting and SOOO much fun.

Next up some outdoorsy pix....

Hope this is adding a little joy to your life.  :)  It sure has to mine!

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