Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pictures: the next chapter- Nature at it's best/worst

There has been a lot of whining, crying and complaining about winter this year, but so far it looks like perhaps it won't last into freaking MAY like last year.  I am ever so optimistic. 

So I have been keeping a daily, photographic diary of Lola, mostly on Instagram, and I have seen some of the deepest snow levels up here, ever!!  It was pretty incredible to have Lola to measure it against.  I can't wait for the plant growth to begin so we can see how high the daffodils and lilies and poppies get.  Better than snow for sure.

The best shot that I got of this super quick trip to Holy Hill
However, there are no photos of that yet, so we will have to make do with a couple of Lola and of course other parts of the Northwoods- and even a pic or two from southern WI.

Lola at her deepest


Early morning after the snow
Waiting for spring

Favorite tree

Winter stone house

Melting is started



The ongoing beauty of the sunflower

Spring is here
While in Janesville, we swung past the old GM plant that is in decay.  It was a major part of the Janesville economy and it is so SAD that it is in disuse.  Next time I will get a better pic of this cool 50's style, deserted, gas station.  We were in a hurry.  This was a stunning thing to see in many ways.

After the baby shower was finished Greg led us to Holy Hill.  He knew I would want to photograph that building.  It was after hours for the grounds, but church was just letting out, so all was good.  I got a few good pix against an amazing sky that lovely day.

My buddy the stone house- in the melting stage

3 seasons in one pic

Hang on Lola, spring is coming

I loved the sparkly sun hiding behind the clouds of this last one.  So much hope for a new season.  And with hope there is bound to be some joy!

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