Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oh good grief

When life gives you snow storms, make sarcastic snowladies!  I love her snow crown!
And this was a pretty obnoxious turn of events:

A freaking foot of April Snow. Sigh.  I was unable to really take any artsy pictures with my big camera.  I just can't.

And so this is what I did:

I made Lola  hold a little offering to the snow and spring gods.  And then I made my ode to spring snowgirl.... complete with flowers, kale ponytails and flip flops.  I just have to find some joy in this mess....

Don't cha love the flip flops??

And the kale ponytails??
Deft use of pansies for added joy- a flower child!

The snow was not as packy as you would imagine- it sticks but I couldn't roll it into snow balls.  I bet as the day warms up it will though.
Regardless, I did the best I could and was somewhat creative with the accessories.  I just LOVE the little thing that I put on Lola's dish.  She's so CUTE!!

This is the cutest lil thing- dried flower skirt, pansy buttons, irritated expression

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Janesville.  I am hoping the MA comes with me, as he is not feeling well right now.  Even though I have been accused, we all know he got this from some germ laden client.  Bummer.  I don't mean to sound unkind, but he was due.  I bet it has been at least 5 years, minimum, since he has gotten sick.  Really.  He makes ill..... oh wait.  LOL  Never mind, that is quite amazing really and I am always hacking and wheezing from something shared with me from a little darling at school.  I was really surprised that he was not up to his usual obnoxious self this morning.  Tax season got him this year.  And seeing his first free weekend is graced with a foot of snow covering the yard and garden, well going to Janesville to party with Ella and see the kids again is just perfect.

The good news is (besides the fact that we didn't have to use a snowday that we don't have) that the snow already seems to be compacting and melting. The temps are supposed to be in the 40's and that is good for us.  The rest of the weekend is bringing even warmer conditions, so by the time we get back, we should be back to where we were.... just some snow piles left.

Anyway, I wanted to try to find some positive in this pretty depressing day.  We all know that lying under the snow are those signs of spring that are waiting to see the light of day again.  Just have to wait for a while.  In the meantime, be a joy giver no matter what the weather is throwing at you today.

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  1. and Mardi Gras beads! Love it, it love it! Pansies, awh! And Lola's offering to the snow goddess!