Sunday, June 8, 2014

Close encounter of the deer kind

So,  today, I was  minding my own business, mowing the lawn with the push-mower. 

 I do this for two reasons: 

1. I use push-mowing as a good form of exercise and

2. I HATE when there is a bunch of grass clippings in my flower beds.  So I go through all sorts of contortions to avoid shooting the grass in the wrong direction.  I am picky about that- don't judge me. So instead of getting snippy about it, I just do it myself.  

I don't know where the heck I am going

 I happened to look up rounding a corner near my patio table in time to see a very young fawn hopping over the stone fence and emerging from the hay field.  I was so surprised.  It saw me and I thought, wow,  maybe I can grab my camera, which was on a bench by the garden shed.  I really didn't expect to get a good shot as I thought it would run....... which it did NOT.  

Hey, this lady looks pretty nice 

The crazy little thing started heading in my direction!  So I took a few pix all the while it was heading towards me.  It ended up under my bench and then it walked right over to me.  I could have reached down and petted it.  Which I did not do.

I don't know, you don't look like mama

I had been shooting butterfly pix, so I had my long lens and didn't get the entire little guy/girl in the pic here.  Anyway, it must have decided to continue looking for mom, because he began walking towards the woods.

Mom said I should stay right where she left me, I'm in big trouble now

He just kept walking on his gangly little legs.  So tiny and fragile looking- it couldn't have been more than a day or two old at the most.

Let's see, is home over here?

It certainly was not what I expected!  

I better skedaddle on into the woods and wait for mom there.

Off he goes, I am sure mom will find him.  We saw an adult deer out in the field an hour later, I would guess they will be reunited shortly.

I am so glad that I am pretty consistent in having one of my cameras available at all times.  And to have the big lens was a massive plus!!  I don't think any of the photos are terrific, as I was working on automatic and a fast automatic at that.  But, even though I am ambivalent about deer, how could I not love such a sweet little thing??  BABIES- everyone together now-----AWWWWW!

THIS was an unexpected joy!


  1. "Aww!"

    But on a side note, I take extra car not to blow grass clippings into my garden beds, too, but on the off chance the June grass has headed out and matured enough to have the clippings set seed. I don't need to broadcast grass seed in my garden border! Eeeeargh!

    1. EXACTLY!!! Dandelions, creeping charlie, any of that stuff that can just stay out of my borders! :)