Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rainy day foliage

As you can probably see as you go through these few pictures, it was a little bit of a gloomy Saturday.  It began merely cloudy, and so I spent part of the morning cleaning in the house before heading to the grocery store and to get more fly spray for the horsey.  This wasn't the best of decisions because promptly at 9:30 when I donned jacket and shoes to leave, the heavens opened and it began to pour.

Lady's Mantle -Alchemilla mollis 

Ah well.  I took some of these photos in the morning before the deluge and then some I took this evening.  I really like the overcast days for photos, it is WAY easier to expose properly.  In other words,  bright sun and deep shadows are difficult to deal with.  

Assorted hosta

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my study of (mostly) greenery in this lush rainforest of Northern Wisconsin.

Coral Bells- Heuchera 

Siberian Iris

Allium- Globemaster (I think)

Alchemilla mollis

Azalea- Northern Lights

Hostas- full sized and miniature, plus an oriental lily 
It is astonishing the speed and vigor of the plants as they grow right now.  We might not be thrilled with the rains, but the plants beg to differ!

I guess that is looking, rather ironically, at the sunny side of life.  And finding some joy among the water drops.

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