Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Birthday Month, Baby!

Wow, where the heck did June go??

Well part of it was spent cleaning messes and traveling and such busy things like that.  I haven't EVEN had time yet to do photo editing from being in Janesville, and St. Louis and Milwaukee- and now later today one of the grandbabies is coming on up for the Holiday weekend!  So, more cleaning and straightening and grocery shopping and maybe weeding if it would manage to stop raining for 2 seconds.  Sheesh. I will catch you up on my adventures in a separate blog post asap!

Oh well, I will get done what I do and I will make some foods for everyone and I will charge my camera batteries, as we will be for sure doing some fun things in the next few days.

Forgive the low light fuzzy iPhone pic!  :)
So WHAT did I do on my first day of Birthday month??  The fun thing I did (besides hitting the gym, which is always fun for me) is- I went to the retirement party for my friend and former neighbor, Maxine, at the CCC which involved pizza and cuppy cakes and drinks.  I have discovered the Riesling wine is a perfect accompaniment for that particular menu!  :)  I can't believe that Max is old enough to retire, she certainly doesn't look or act like it!!  She won't be too far away, though, and I hope to see her off and on.

I also got a chance to catch up with my dear friend Cat, which was awesome.  A day trip to somewhere certainly will happen with her in the near future!  Hoping to see her on Instagram sometime soon, too!

Anyway, I better get on with my second day of birthday month, and I plan on filling each day of this wonderful month with more than a little joy!

Until next time, celebrate any little joys that you can find in your day!  It makes for a happier you!

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