Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday at a Dead Run

 Today was the first day I have had to myself in a while, I am not complaining- it is a fact!

Lola from a different point of view
  I've had a really good summer so far but man, I needed a day.  SO, I got up later than planned but after the MA left I .........

  • Went for a 10 mile bike ride!!  YAY
  • Since I was "warmed up"-  read: sweating like crazy- I went to the gym and did back day
  • After lunch (with lettuce from my garden!!)  I mowed part of the lawn
  • and weeded and mulched my peony beds
  • and cut lettuce in the garden (and weeded there a little) 
  • threw in some laundry and showered from all that outside time!
  • cleaned up the kitchen (disaster yet from Sunday)
  • made cold brew coffee, washed the lettuce
  • made sugar water for the bees
  • had a snack because I was starving again
Now I am thinking about dinner and I tell you, my hands and other various body parts from weight lifting are sore!  I did another round of "sissy squats" - Which are NOT FOR SISSIES - and so my legs and glutes are tired and basically, I'm exhausted and its only 5pm.  I think I got a lot done tho!

If you are expecting a point to this, I think you might be quite disappointed.  I think mostly I wrote this while trying to decide which blog post I should write first.  So in my typical Mad Art teacher way, I chose none of them and wrote this instead!  :)

I neeeeeeeeed to do a lot of photo editing- LOTS.  And my hands are seriously sore, so I will do it only a little at a time.  I have lots of fun things to share, so I will be getting at it.

I hope this lovely Monday has given you a lot of joy.

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