Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Just where do I begin??

Well I finally got my pictures downloaded and mostly edited, but the posts I want to do are pretty long! The St. Louis trip is going to need more time than I have right now.  AND tomorrow I am embarking on another adventure, so I better get hopping!

So I have a few odds and ends and some teaser pictures that I will begin this all with.  I want to give my trip south the proper attention that it deserves.

So here are a few glorious cloud pictures- we've had a LOT of scattered showers lately.  Crazy jet stream has perched itself right over head.  Plus some flowers and the cabin in the summer, and just  a dose of pretty.  :)

Tree tops that came down in a storm

Little cabin in the woods

VERY green up here

wild rose


I hope you enjoy these pix- it's getting late- on to my next adventure!

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