Monday, August 11, 2014

Garden shed update!!

Maybe you are curious about the state of affairs with my garden shed, these are not THE most up to date photos, but there have only been a couple little things beyond this.  

First of all I am loving my Mr. Ed doors, which really must be painted white sometime in the next year or two. The wood looks totally incongruous with the rest of the building.  It bugs me, but I am giving it a year.  I have to have different hardware too, I hate the ones on there.  Patience, Debi.....

Mr. Ed doors-
And I have my ceiling fan in and it fits just fine above those rafters.  This will be a really good thing.  And btw all that crap that you know who is stashing up there will be going buh bye as well.
YAY for ceiling fans
Here is the large work table that was built for me- in a big moment of creativity, I told the MA to have the sign side up.  I kind of like it.

I think this is a really good size work table and it is on a wheels.
Things are being straightened up now and put away, some of the shelves are built-

Much of this is going into the garage again.

Hidden behind some wood is another work area - and shelves
I do want to paint the press board on the walls, I have not decided what exactly yet, but I will start with a coat of white and then get a color from there.  I have ideas for making this a convenient and well organized work space.

And then we have this one..... 
It is really nice to be poised at the point of being able to organize and clean out this building and make it mine!

That will definitely be a joy!

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