Sunday, December 14, 2014

December musings

Well, hasn't it been a long time since I wrote on here??

A quick catchup-
(HAHA- I call catch up days ketchup and mustard days in the elementary school.  They think I am hilarious)

Hunting season happened and winter hit with a vengeance.  Like so much freaking snow you wouldn't believe it, unless of course you live here, and you can.

Hunting season was not good for the hunters this year, but it did allow lots of time spent with the boys and later on in the week, little Greg and Sarah Jane.  Unfortunately, Jon and Sarah did not make it up here for Thanksgiving because of a bit of illness!  That was a bummer.  However, it was a nice week.

I have my Christmas decs up- yay- and now have to spend time wrapping to add to the festive look of the house.  I so enjoy Christmas time and the music and the silly movies and the colors.

I also had an unfortunate bout with a stomach ailment that is taking it's sweet time going completely away.  I after 4 days my coffee still isn't tasting too hot this morning, so that isn't too wonderful.  Booo.

I am not adjusting very well to no gym- it makes me still sad. I have picked up some kettle bells and dumbbells and will get a few more things yet and rock on with it.  I can still pick up the 50 lb horse feed bags with no issue, so I must not be back to square one yet.  :)

IN other news, I have been doing my Lola a day pictures for almost a year now, and I am secretly relieved to almost be finished.  It will be nice to NOT have to take a pic of Lola every day, though it has been an interesting thing to do.  I will do some sort of movie with those photos!

I got a few good snowshoes in at the beginning of December, but NOW it has been warm and when the sun comes up I am afraid that the snow will be virtually gone.  AND it will be a stupid skating rink out in the driveway and it will look really ugly.  Let's cross our fingers for a refresher of snow soon.  I mean if it has to be cold, there should be snow.

So there is a week and some change left of school before an ALMOST 2 week break, which is so seriously needed.  Gathering our resources in the teaching world and digging in baby!

I have one other piece of exciting news, that I will talk about separately at another time.  :)

Pictures will follow.  I want to do more picture posts again, since I do not like having a neglected blog.

Hope you are finding Joy in your December!

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