Friday, January 30, 2015

I, apparently, wasn't paying attention

Today's update will include a full admission of me not looking at things realistically.  Everyone else in the world knew it however I was not ready to admit it.

All of you worriers can rest easily because I will be taking all next week off of work as well. 

This is hard for me to admit, but I guess this is why I accumulated 100+ sick days. In case I needed them. And every morning I have gotten up since this happened, expecting to feel way better and don't,  I do understand why I need these next few days off. 

A sweet friend of mine told me all about what happens to injuries overnight. She did a lot of research a year or so ago. Apparently the swelling in injuries goes down overnight when you're sleeping and so when you wake up your injury is what really hurts.  And boy does it ever hurt. Then as the day goes on, the swelling goes up, hence the pain goes away because the swelling supports the injury. 

I barely notice my ankle sprain during the day but every single morning that baby is stinging like crazy. And my wrists and elbows.... Well you get the idea. 

So for the good side of things I get to talk today to a friend who I have not seen in a very long time. Even though we live in the same town, she works and I work and our schedules absolutely do not mesh up. So yay for visiting with good friends!! 

I'm looking forward to seeing my sister this afternoon too! I wish we could go bumming around Bayfield or some place fun, but I'll have to be satisfied with the grocery store!! 

So until such time that I can chat with people I am going to rest my hands/fingers/elbows. I hope that you all are able to spread some additional joy to keep me caught up! 

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