Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not under any influence update

Well since we last talked, I actually did get a good nights sleep.  I will say that I read, with some trepidation, the post that I did last night. I was a little bit worried about what I said under the influence of good old Oxy. So I was relieved to see that I was somewhat coherent. Whew 

I have found some interesting things this morning. I can pick up a grand total of a half a cup of coffee.  I cannot brush my own hair. I cannot clipped my own fingernail with my left hand. I CAN however eat a peanut butter bagel without assistance!!  I can ice my parts without any assistance as well. 

I am somewhat dismayed that my strength in my left arm and hand is not increasing very quickly. I understand that this is absolutely normal and that I can't expect things to get better really fast. However that does not stop my brain from thinking that it should! So I've been sitting around and watching TV and sipping coffee through a straw!  After a marathon texting session this morning, I have found that my limitation on that is approximately 45 minutes.  And I am definitely done doing that for a while. A while being an hour or so. I find that texting is a very easy way to communicate with people I can do that with one hand. I can talk on the phone if you call me on myself phone because it is impossible for me to hold the home telephone up to my ear. 
I also checked Facebook this morning and was astonished by the number of messages of support.  It's sort of brought a tear to my eyes to read all of them. But I really shouldn't be surprised after all I have amazing friends. I can't type very well yet on the laptop so I guess making the blog posts like this is the best way to keep people updated. 

One of the reasons I feel so much better today is that I was able to get a really really good night sleep. I had my bed to myself (thanks Fred) and I think I sort of passed out once I finally got comfortable. I feel very awake but my arms are definitely getting tired and it's only 9 AM. 

Anyway, I just thought I would update this for anyone who is interested. It's not a very exciting post but that is just fine with me. Make sure that you are a joy giver today!
Eta: I could brush my teeth pretty well too!! People it's the little things. Love your life.