Saturday, February 28, 2015

My gifts from the universe

This was going to be a whole different post- but things have rolled around in my mind this morning, fueled by excitement and a whole cup of coffee that was consumed in about 3 minutes!

I am headed to Bayfield today and I am so excited.  Excited by the trip, getting to my summer stomping grounds, driving the ice road (EEEEEEEEEEK) and the prospect of  normalcy. I do not want to say EVER TODAY- oh my arm hurts.  I plan to just do.  Do what I can and do what I want.  Be active, be outdoors, be free from my couch.  I can hardly wait.

So this brings me to gifts- there are a lot of them.  Did you know the universe gives you things at just the right time if you are open to it?  If you decide that you do not have to be what anyone or everyone thinks you should be and let most inner self be- amazing things happen.  This is what I am choosing to believe.

First gift is understanding how much I love to move and be outside.  While I am dying to get back to a gym, seriously I can hardly stand not going, I must be outside.  I am meant to be walking and hiking and snowshoeing and gardening and all the things that I have made part of my life- always or in the last few years.  I have put on some pounds from sitting around and making myself feel better with macaroni and cheese with chocolate for dessert- and guess what.  I'm fine with that.  I will undoubtedly take it off starting today when my activity level can start to improve.

Second gift, related to that last part,  ultimately if you are happy with yourself as a person, make peace with some demons from the past, come to terms with the fact that you are a kick-ass human whether you weigh 15 pounds more or less than last year- that weight JUST. DOESN'T. MATTER.  I have divested myself of blogs and pinterest boards and facebook pages that imply that I am not good because I do not look like ___________.  Fill in with whatever fucked up image that the media wants to insert.  UP THEIRS. I am not a project and I do not need fixing thank you very much.  People think (Lol, mostly my students) I am awesome just the way I am. People like me because I am a happy lunatic!  And I think its a lot of fun. Thank you universe for this lesson and the opportunities and situations that have surfaced because I was ready to have them. Health is everything and weight is beside the point.

Related, I have totally stopped with this crazy ass food obsession that everyone else seems to be so into  now.  Other than being vegetarian, which suits me perfectly- I realized when I was going through all this (I covered a lot of subjects with myself) that I have no desire to become carnivore in any way. I do not mind making meat for my family, even though I won't and never have actually touched it too much. Lol.  But all that clean this and gluten free that and rules and organic and blah blah blah- eat good food most of the time and don't think about that crap.  You should not spend 3/4 of your waking life thinking about food.  There is too much other stuff to do.  But  you know- I have chosen that path, you all can do what you want, because eyes on our own plates, man!

Next, I have to be vague about this because it is not my place to discuss it- but we really do need to practice compassion.  A person I know is going through something big that they are not willing to talk about. It is a complex situation.  I want to say something about karma, but I realize that really we do not know what path a person is walking down.  We do not know what is really going on inside them, and maybe the most difficult people in our lives need us to be understanding the most. Never saw that one coming.

So as I am ready to get up and get moving with camera equipment, yak trax, snow shoe poles, boots, scarves, mittens, and coffee money, I want to remember to truly be aware and in the moment here.  There is no place for food obsession or judging other people harshly or other negative crap that comes my way.  Well except for people who drive slow and they cannot be tolerated!  :)  I am so anxious to get going, so I will!  My adventure buddy will be ready and I am taking pictures - LOTS of pictures, and probably a selfie or 5!!!

Have a wonderful, joyful day, my friends.  Drown out all the noise and be true to yourself.  THAT is the way to be a true joy giver.  XO

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  1. Wow Deb are you ramped up this morning! Have a good day but just be careful out there okay?