Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh YaY! Friday!

I really am not a person to wish away my week.  Let me edit that to say, I do wish away Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but only when I'm perched looking towards an afternoon of noise- I am fine when I am in the midst of it.  I had someone state at a class this past summer, in the midst of my Lymes disease fog, that each day of the week, collectively,  is 1/7th of your life.  So enjoy every single one of those days.  So, as I don't feel negatively about Mondays (I like them!), I don't pine for Friday either.  I  REALLY like Friday, as I get to eat with grownups, I have a good productive prep time and we all wear more casual attire.  Yay for jeans and boots!!  But it is really another day in the rhythm of my week.

 Anyway, I am SO HAPPY today is Friday. This has been my first full week back and I am a wreck this morning.  (If any of you know what I had for dinner last night, let me tell you that wine and cheesecake has little to do with how I feel, so there!!  ;))  My arms are very stiff and I think could be a little swollen.  I woke up a badillion times last night, my weirdo feet went from freezing to sweating about 5 times and all in all I am NOT well rested.  Washing my hair was uncomfortable, and I am just a little off.  If any of my siblings read this- this is not an opening for responses, Lol.

Compounding the issue of a typical week, of course is that we are working afterschool I have been doing scenery with the kids for the musical.  We have a good start, but I enumerated the things we still have to do and my right eye started to twitch.  If any of you need me next week, you will find me back stage.  I plan to bring food and water and basically hang out until someone pushes me out the back door to my car.  Cell service is dicey on the stage, so good luck with that.  I have a big week coming up AND I have to begin clay with my little ones.  I am thinking of how to get my clay set up so I don't have to lift the 50 lb boxes.  My mind is always working through things like this, no wonder I wake up distracted with sweaty feet.

I would have taken today off, but I have not seen my Friday elementary kids for 4 weeks, or maybe 5.  I can't figure it out myself right now..... since January 25 at any rate.  And since that is one of my favorite Elementary days, I just can't wait.  Fortunately, I have a custom of no stage painting on Fridays, we all need a break, and after a quick stop at the grocery (more freaking lifting, good grief) I am going to go home and dive under a blankie on the couch and sit in my little corner of the sectional.  and rest!!!

I have an adventure coming on Saturday, because indeed I don't heed the good advice that myself and every living person in my life would give me, as in: rest for the day.  NOPE  I am BUSTING OUT OF HERE, BABY!!!  If I don't get out and do something fun I will lose my mind.  And so I am, and you will find out about it on Sunday!  Or on facebook Saturday, depending on if you do that or not.

Anyway, here is to another day of joy and coffee and advil and kids and by the looks of it, SUN!!  I hope you find some joy in your day as well.

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