Friday, March 27, 2015

Another week in the books

Today marks the end of the 3rd quarter at school and it is almost the end of March in my life outside of the classroom.  I am glad to divest myself of THAT quarter, too many weird, crazy things have happened and I need my usual crazy.

I am breathing a giant sigh of relief as I did manage to get a LOT of grading done in the last few days and today I will finish it up.  Monday begins the giant clean sweep of the art room.  I will save a lot of things for  the art show I am having at the credit union in a few weeks, but the rest will be handed back.  I have a bunch of stuff left (I recently discovered) from the first semester, imagine that!!  Lol.  I WILL change the displays at the front of the school next week- that is the next item to cross off the list.  After that, I will be able to get some more organizing done in my rooms.  This will make the Mad-Artteacher very happy.

I am thrilled to say I got in several miles of walking in this week.  I am going to probably go again tonight as well.  My times are getting quicker again and it is so necessary for me to be outside and in the sun.  I am not all that thrilled with the temperature turn of events the last few days- WOW it is cold again, but that won't last.  Easter comes in a week and with that I will begin my weight lifting routine again.

So how is my arm, you  might ask?  The left one is just dandy.  The right one has it's moments.  It can get very stiff and I still have a hard time writing neatly for long periods of time. It is really weird.  But overall, it is pretty good.  I get little aches and pains but not bad.  I have to decide this coming week if I need to go see the Orthopedic doctor again.  I am going to see what happens by Wednesday.  The orthopod will be in town the week after Easter so I will have to make an appt. before Friday.  I think I just have to let it heal, I don't foresee an appointment being necessary.

So the weekend!!  YAY!!  There will be a trip to the north for coffee and Coco's and hiking on Saturday.  I am SO EXCITED!!  Why are we going??  Because my friend in all things Bayfield and hiking and I made it through the 3rd quarter unscathed (HAHA- well some of us were scathed and both of us may carry a bit of emotional baggage, but we are alive and sassy!) and  because we WANT TO!  AND of course there is a small matter of a bunch of coffee that I need to purchase. Don't judge me!  Then a quiet Sunday and 3 days of school before Easter break.

Since I apparently will not have company on Easter this year, I have decided that Thursday I will go shopping somewhere out of town- all by my lonesome.  Kind of a celebration of sorts- of spring and no school and why ever shouldn't I?? Otherwise only a plan or two, most of which will involve possibly a book and a couch and who knows what else.  Oh, perhaps a walk or 4.

As this cold and sunny day begins, it is a good feeling to have progress at school, which is where my life was really affected from this accident.  Speaking of which, I was discussing that whole accident thing from almost 8 weeks out.  I had an interesting realization of what massive denial I was in, thinking that I could go back to school after being out for only a week. I laughed for a while over that one.  It seems clear now, but I remember needing to get back to work so much.  I knew that the kids wanted me back, heaven knows the subs were happy I was back, and I just couldn't take watching stupid tv for one more day.  Ah well.  I am glad I provided some amusement to those around me.  Or maybe it was consternation, I really don't know.

So make this a wonderful, sunny, joyful day!!  Be the joy giver that I know each of you can be-- and hang on baby, the weekend is almost here!!

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