Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Life,

Dear Life That is Supposed to Be Mine,

I am just writing to tentatively find out if it is ok for me to go ahead and pretend that I have some say over what happens to you.  Do you suppose you could find it in your heart to let me go ahead and make some plans to, oh, I don't know, teach my 4th quarter here like I usually would??  Um,  maybe be able to do my favorite activities that I haven't been able to since January? I know it is a lot to ask, but I promise I will proceed slowly.

Now, for instance last night, I was able to sleep without advanced use of chemicals or anything! THANK YOU!! Breathing through ones nose is something you shouldn't really take for granted, and I swear I never will again. Also, after using this week to clean and plan and catch up, I think it will be fabulous to be able to throw on the potter's wheel again.  I didn't think that was such a big deal, but wow it is.  I am a little worried about being able to center the clay, but I will muddle through.

I have been super duper careful on the walks I have begun to take since all that ice has gone. I understand now that my accident has been instructive to others, as I have had a NUMBER of people tell me that they quit walking outside during that icy time period. Gee, I am so glad to have saved the radial heads of so many.  Why just yesterday, when I walked down to the lake I gave the ice puddles SUCH a wide berth that someone watching me would have thought I was a lunatic. But we all  know that isn't true, right Life???  RIGHT???

I managed to get through the play without having irritated any part of my arm, but I did get the message about over-extending one's self when you gave me that lovely virus!!  That was so special.  I really liked the part where I couldn't eat anything sweet because it hurt my tummy.  That was great- oh and the hot and cold fever thing.  Wow.  Point taken. So, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to try improving my general health again.  K K??

I hope that this isn't asking too much, and I hope that I don't sound angry or bitter or irritated, because really this morning I am full of the most zen-like calm.  You know me, I am usually pretty nice and I just want to say that I think I get your point!!  Live in the moment, don't take ANYTHING for granted, and always be thankful for the simplest things, because you just never know!

Soon I will get dressed and be on my way, and I will get my plans together for the last part of the school year.  I will enjoy my students, put up an art show,  get my exercise, laugh with my friends, Bayfield like a champ, and generally live life with some gusto!  (Which by the way, I thought I was doing!!!)  I am thinking that this will be ok with you!  Right??

So, now that we are clear on this, I will just pretend that I am somehow in charge again.  If that is ok with you! And yes, you know darn well that I will be pushing the envelope and doing too much, because that is what Debi, the Mad-Artteacher is all about.  The person who only recently learned that doing the things that terrify her are some of the best moments in life, so she has some catching up to do!  If you find that unacceptable, please notify me in writing.  Those action plans of yours are just a bridge too far- NOT that I am complaining or anything!!  :)

Happy Monday, Life, and I promise we will be looking for all the joy that we can endure!



  1. A bit sarcastic are we this morning! There are no guarantees. I also have that box checked off on my life list to live in the moment! Have a joy-filled day.