Sunday, March 29, 2015

Clinging to trees in unusual places- Spring edition

Yesterday my fear-of-heights alarm was pinging quite regularly!  Weirdly, during the trip down to Lost Creek Falls I actually had very few alerts from the interior portions of me.  Even though we were on some fairly narrow paths, and *MAY* have been making some of our own little trails, I mostly felt really fine.  The whole pine needle thing was sometimes an issue, they were a little slick.  I actually had a lot more pings over the ice *DANGERDANGERDANGER* there.
I wish the background wasn't so over exposed, but I would have been in darkness then.  Lol  This gives me the creeps, I was really close to the edge here.....

No, where it all kicked in was at Houghton Falls and there were so many descents to sheer dropoffs.  shudder.

A shot of the rocky outcropping I slid down onto
It was beautiful, though.  Behind me was the really neat cave where I could have gone, and I will another time.  But frankly I had had enough at that point.  Which is laughable because further down the path was this beautiful rock outcropping that, sure enough, was a slight downhill to a sharp drop off into Lake Superior.  But the pictures I took were worth the pings and moments of discomfort.  I am finding myself to become more of a fear junkie- this could be interesting.

Such a beautiful view.

It is fun to get myself into these spots and then turn around and wonder how/if I can make my way out!  I always do it seems.  Have a joyful day!

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