Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bad news for favorite tree....

I took these photos a week or so ago.  I had noticed that my favorite tree was looking slightly wonky. There was that protrusion that makes the tree look like it has a face in profile. So I took a little walk up to the tree to see what was going on.

It is so sad- the tree is rotting on the North/Northwest side of the tree.  It has a giant hole in the side of it.  I am sorry to say that I expect it to go down in a big windstorm, soon.  But maybe not, you never know I guess!!  There is always hope.

The upper branches look alive yet

Hope this guy will be here for a long time yet....
Things die, things change, but the familiar, the strong, the flexible and reliable give a person something to  depend on.  Maybe you only noticed them recently, or maybe they have been in your life a number of years- but you know what and who they are.  They are the way you stay grounded, a point on which to notice changes.  And consistency.  I mourn for my favorite tree well in advance.  Kind of like my favorite horse.

The simplest things become so vividly important.  Find them and hold onto them and always enjoy them while they are with you.


  1. I like your tree, too, and likewise fear for it. Do enjoy it in the moment.