Saturday, April 4, 2015

Too much time...

Too much time, too much energy, not ready to do something about it right now.

I am full of restless today.  I've walked for 2 hours, lunched, washed clothes, folded, cleaned, straightened, put away things, made cheese cake, boiled eggs, texted friends, lost and found my lens cap and FINALLY after 8 (or is it 9??) weeks changed the horse feed bag myself AND am now carrying full buckets of water.  BAM.

However, I am so out of sorts.  So turbulent.  I need summer, I need the weather to do my mosaics and gardens and I. NEED. A. GYM.

I am spending far too much time in my own little world in my head, and I am about ready to go insane.  No company for Easter- except for the elusive Mike who WILL come and partake of Easter dinner.  So that is good!!  And he may find an Easter basket, because after all, anyone who comes to my house on Easter gets a basket.  If they are like an off-spring.  Or a spouse I suppose.  Lol  

I may have purchased and am now hoarding the best candy of all ahem-cadburyminiwhitesugareggs-cough.  But that may be just a vicious rumor.  I'll never tell at any rate.  

So instead of sitting in here and pouting over really nothing at all and everything in general, I think I am going to go for another walk. Because I can and it is "spring break" - such as it is.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring- rain, snow, sleet, sun....  may as well do something enjoyable.  And take a few pix along the way.

Find your joy where you can!

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