Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I don't post late night very often, but I haven't been getting in my quiet time in the morning lately, so this is the best I can do for now.
Lola was sad this morning
I'm tired and you know what??  I think I am losing my voice.  This is not going to be good.

I talked ALL day long:  I had a new presentation to give to all three hours of High School art, lasting each at least 30 minutes.  Then I had to circulate and answer questions, and all that good stuff. After a quick lunch,  my first graders had a tell and do lesson, where I told them what to draw and paint and then they do it.  Color mixing at it's first grade finest!  Which means I talked the whole hour, then the 4th and 5th graders had a 2 part lesson today- which of course means Mrs. Oswald  talked at least 2/3 of the day.  Add in a little nasal involvement and you have the recipe for some soft and deep vocal ranges.  Now if I had stopped talking right away upon discovering that I was getting hoarse, things might have had a different outcome. But that couldn't happen.

I see you! The origami eye project the 4th and 5th grade did today
So, everyone in the morning should be fairly ready to work, and I will only have kindergarten and 2nd grade to concern myself with.

IN other news, I have one more Dr. appointment for my arm on Thursday.  It is a little concerning to me because of the fatigue and crackling that is happening in my elbowage area.  When I was folding my nifty little origami eyes that the 4th and 5th graders have/will be making, there was all sort of weird things happening in there.  Fortunately, the pain has subsided, but there is definite lack of normalcy.

We had snow here the other day, which I sort of refuse to acknowledge, other than the fact it is good that we are getting a little precip.  Don't need any fires now, do we?

So yeah, that is all I have for now.  Now that I have been doing more blog posts, it feels like I should update more often!

And so here it is!  :)

Hope you all can find your joy tomorrow, after a really good nights' sleep!  ;)

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