Friday, April 10, 2015


There is a lot of stuff going on around here right now, and some of it is going to affect my life in an EXTRAORDINARILY NEGATIVE way.  But I am not going into that, because I can't think about it quite yet.

Blood pressure took a dive and a giant smile of relief- first pic on the new phone!  NO SPECK

Besides that, plus the fact that it snowed- again- last night, there are a couple of good things that are going on, and I will share a few!

The first, FINALLY, is the fact that I got myself a new phone!  My old phone would have been perfectly fine for a long time yet except for 2 major things.  First and mostly, the off button was not reliably working anymore and (in reality, this was a bigger thing) the stinking speck on my camera lens- under the glass.  You know, the one where people kept thinking I took a pic of an eagle???  And then there was the blurry spot where I tried to rub said speck off the outside when indeed it was under the glass??  oy.  You may not have noticed it because usually I edited it out, but not always.  And let's be serious here, you KNOW how twitchy that damn spot has made me, even if I never really mentioned it.  I am SO excited.  As for the rest of the phone, it is fine.  I do like me my iPhones!!  There are some fun new things in this IOS and the phone is a little bigger.

I would like to give a HUGE shout out and thanks to my friends Cathy and Ed for letting me use their zippy internet and being in the room with me to encourage deep relaxing breaths when the last little bit of a zillion different updates and downloads took their sweet time finishing.  As much as I am a techie girl, I love doing so many things, this whole phone thing gave me a lot of anxious moments.  Anyway, it was so kind of them and I appreciate it so very very much!

NEXT, I went to the Orthopedic dr one last time (I assume) yesterday.  I had some questions about my arm, which is so much better, and does get better every day.  There are some weird little things that go on and I had concerns about things, and I got more xrays and had many questions answered. AND people--------I GET TO START WEIGHT LIFTING AGAIN!!!!!

 **pause for happy dancing***

Of course I have been admonished to not over do it right away (wut? wait? you mean ME??) and I will not.  I will workout here before heading back to the Ghetto gym- I can use my lighter weights here.

Since it is heading towards time for me to get myself going, I better be done with these little bits of good news.  I am focusing on the positive for now!  And I am hoping for the best with everything else.

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