Saturday, April 18, 2015

A beeeee-zy day

LOL! I didn't notice my finger in the way!!  I was laying down in the flower bed to get this with my phone.  Eh, deal with it
Well, here it is at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning and I am awake.  This is somewhat unfortunate, as once again I slept fitfully last night.  I tried 3 different locations to find some sleep, none of which worked particularly well.  I don't understand what is going on, but fortunately I am not tired during the day.  Oh well.  And of COURSE when I could sleep at the end of the night, you-know-who was up and at 'em early, because he does not have to be at the office until 8pm tonight.  He actually worked late the 16 th and 17th as well, which seems somewhat unfair, however, so is waking up at 5:45 when one slept like crap.  Oy.  I think someone needs to kidnap me, and ply me with liquor or sleeping pills and then guard the door to a very quiet, cold, dark room and let me conk out for 12 hours.  Is that really asking too much??  Yes?  Rats.  Well a girl can dream.

Oh yum, a little hidden pocket of honey!  I think someone will enjoy this!  (and while I had a taste, I actually meant the bees!)

Alright, well anyway, today will be a fun day.  I actually plan to sneak a walk in here soon, but then later this morning we are heading out to pick up more bees.  Ours did not live the winter, and we are going to take a crack at it again. (The Mad-Middle son informed me that 40 - 60% of the hives even raised by professional beekeepers are lost each winter)  It was ever so amusing to tend those little things, and nice to have a clue what we are doing this time.  We are getting 3 packages this time, one of which is going inside the garden.  We cleaned up the hives and located the supplies and are almost ready for them.

We will be picking them up at Hansen's Honey Farm (which is really just a house) in Rhinelander today.  But FIRST! I get to eat Mexican and I *might* have plans for a midday Margarita!!  :)  Because why the heck not.  Plus a stop at Golden Harvest (which the MA refers to as the hippy place, which really isn't so much now) to pick up a few goodies, including some of their sublime bakery items.  YaY!

Traveling with a back seat full of humming bees is an interesting thing to do. We were diligent last year about brushing off the hitchhikers, which we need to do again this year as well.  Honey bees are really very docile, but I don't think I want one flying around in my face in the truck.
My Tete-a-tete mini daffs!!!

Meanwhile, back at Lola's flower garden we have these!  I was SO EXCITED to see these yesterday afternoon!!  YAY for spring!!  I am going to enjoy the heck out of today (like I have the last few days) because our weather is taking a turn for a little stretch tomorrow.

Find some joy in your day today, and maybe you will have time for a nap too!  Or a mid-day Margarita!  I know you are all jealous.....  hehehe

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