Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I have noticed that I am very talkative on this blog lately.  Interesting how an unexpected turn of events can change your patterns in life.  This might be a Captain Obvious statement, but oh well.  It was something that struck me this morning.

I found myself awake a lot last night, which isn't all that unusual, but then wide awake at 4:15 was sort of a pain.  I dozed off and on and just decided to get going a little before 5.....  Now if I actually went into work early and got something accomplished that would probably be pretty awesome, but I am sort of addicted to my coffee and quiet time here.

Tax season is done today and my life after school will take another wild swing.  Instead of having literally hours to myself, the MA will be lurking about the area.  He has put in some crazy long hours this tax season, good grief. You'd think after this many years it wouldn't be quite so much, but it was.  I don't do real well alone so much, however, it'll be an adjustment.  Lol, this happens every year- AT LEAST it will be nice outside and he can go and rake and get ready for the bees and all the things that MA likes to do.  The last 2 years that didn't really happen, as there was still snow on the ground.  There will be one happy accountant here.

Speaking of beeeeeez, they are coming to Rhinelander on Friday, so we will pick the little buggers up on Saturday.  It'll be nice to have the kids back!  We will probably be making a sugar run in the next few weeks- early May I should imagine.  Sugar run= Sam's Club for massive bags o' sugar.  That will coincide with some quality gramma time with both of my little ones.

Last thing to update: I am getting back into fighting shape so to speak.  My aerobic fitness is well on its way to being back to normal- and I am working on my weight training again.  It is all really light weight and not a lot of reps, but I am working on it.  I am, surprisingly, able to do full pushups!!  I did 10 last night. Frankly, I am shocked.  I feel weak and pathetic, but apparently there is some muscle tone still lurking about the area.  A few weeks and I will get back to the gym again.  Don't worry all of you, I promise I will take it slow, if you promise I'll get my strength back!

That is kind of all I have for now.  I need to think about lunch and what to wear and all that other morning routine things.

Hope all of you find a big ole bunch of joy in your day today!  Pass it around!

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