Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Art show and other thangs

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy, but ok day.  I hit the ground running at school and barely got time to sit.  After starting some new projects with the High School kids, I also was zipping around getting ready for the art show I put up after school.

I will say I used to do a lot more to prep for art shows.  I used to make sure I had little name tags and most had some sort of faux frame and just fancied it up in general.  I just do NOT have time for that anymore.  People don't seem to notice, or else they just don't mention it.  I have too many classes each week to have the time for fussing.  My two rooms still look like a bomb went off in them in certain places, I am making a little headway, but it is a constant battle.  Oh well.

So anyway, an art show went up at the Credit Union and it was SO sweet- I had 3 people from the community in that hour tell me how much they liked seeing the art work.  It was fun to hear their obvious joy!  It will be up for a couple of weeks.  Every time I put up a show I see how my preferences as an art teacher is mixing some realism with a lot of abstracty stuff.  It makes me happy to see it, but I wonder how the community likes it.  Not that them liking it is any overriding goal of mine.....  Just a random musing, here.  I want them to express themselves more than I am worried about a specific method.

Speaking of adorable (well I am now) I had a Kindergarten class yesterday who was exuberant shall we say!  Lol, that means they were not quite in the listening mode.  We had a project to finish, so we did that and then usually free drawing makes them very happy.  That was one NOISY group of kiddos, so I pulled out some origami paper and enticed them a few at a time over by me for mini cup folding lesson refreshers.  I eventually lured them all over to me and we even took a pic of our finished cups.  It was nice to have the noise level drop for that last 15 minutes and they LOVE to fold origami things.  So cute.

I have been LOVING this gorgeous spring weather!  I have put on over 20 miles on the road since last Friday.  I can kind of feel the stiffness in my lower legs today, mostly because I am almost back to my regular speed of walking.  I have been purposely walking faster- gotta get my groove back.   My times on Runkeeper don't look a lot faster as I have been taking photos with this amazing new phone.  The camera is really nice and there is an excellent in app editing system now that lets me circumvent Snapseed or Aviary.  **LOVE**

Speaking of ANNOYING, I went to pick up phone case at our local retail business establishment and they had NONE for iPhone 6..... are you KIDDING me?? I am not exactly in the first wave of 6 buyers.  Usually I am way far behind on phones and trying to scavenge for an old case.  Ugh.  I have some specific needs for cases, and so I like to be able to feel them to make sure they aren't too slippery and I don't want them to interfere with sliding in and out of my pocket when I walk,  etc.  And of course it needs to be minimally bright and preferably cute.  Sigh.  So, Amazon.  I might have my own personal shopper, ahemcoughRosecough, look for something for me.  :)  It should be here tomorrow on good old April 15.

Anyway, that is what I have this morning.  I do plan to get in another weight session tonight and most likely a walk again.  If nothing else I will take another spin down to Smith Lake.  It is a nice shortish (2.5 mile) trek with lots of hills and of course the gift of Smith Lake at the end.  

Be a joy giver today everyone!!


  1. Exuberant I'm gonna have to use that one...

    1. Lol- it is a fitting word for Kindergarten in the spring!