Friday, April 24, 2015

Anyone wanna go to Prom??

I am a junior class advisor- sort of the honorary one, since through a complicated set of reasons, I have no actual students to advise- and this weekend is Prom.  Starting tonight and continuing tomorrow night, I get to hang out at school (along with my long suffering colleagues) and be immersed in the drama that is the junior prom.

In our cranky, old, grown-up way we have been trying to keep the students from screaming at arguing with each other too much, spending thousands of dollars and spoiling their night before it even starts.  I OPENLY admit that I haven't had to do too much yet, again because of my schedule and student load, so I don't want to sound like I am complaining.  I was not the one who is in the middle of all of the action, but since I orchestrate the back stage of the play every year, I am happy to take a back seat.

We have, again, in our adult way, complained about all the drama and materials that go into a night that lasts only a few hours and they spend a lot of that time not even at school!  But upon reflection, I guess there are a lot of opportunities for learning in all of this.  Like compromise, getting along with others- even if they have WILDLY different opinions, planning, and actually getting to watch the space they see every day become a totally different environment.

Those of you who actually went to prom undoubtedly have memories from it.  I personally don't, as I didn't attend.  I made the posters for them in the art department for 2 years, and I actually probably have a copy of those somewhere, funnily enough.  But there are those who speak of that night fondly, and I think it will be a nice evening for the kids.  I do not remember prom being a community event where I came from, but it certainly is here.  Many people come and watch the Grand March, so if it gets people talking about the students in a positive way, then that is worth it.

As for me, I am shaking off the feeling that I will be losing my weekend!  I use that time to recover and recharge.....  I will be feeding off the kid's enthusiasm today and tonight and tomorrow.  Hence I have a bit of melancholy today, from all sorts of things this week.  These wild swings I had of the lowest lows and some pretty amazing highs is taking a toll on me this morning.  While I slept, I am pretty tired, y'all.

So, I am going to get all cleaned up and rev my engines and get psyched up for the weekend.  I get to come home for a few moments after school to take care of my JacPot chores and such and then go back for the duration.  There could be a cocktail in my future at the end of this day!

Have a great Friday and give away some of your joy today!


  1. Here it is now a pretty commercial affair, renting the limo, the clothes, dinner out. Back in the day it seemed more an illicit drinking night, as it was legal to drink if you were 18 then. A lot of Junior girls would be dating Senior boys, bad combo... I didn't go, didn't participate at all. There was a committee; I wasn't on it. Totally excluded. Couldn't even tell you what the theme was, I know there was a band which cost the class around $1500. Hope someone has some fond memories.

    1. Lol, our location here usually limits the limo traffic, but the kids travel up to 60 or 70 miles to go to dinner. Last night was pretty nice, everyone was mostly happy. So YAY