Monday, April 27, 2015

Is it bedtime, yet??

I am definitely paying for my weekend this morning.

Staying up late for prom two nights in a row was the start of it.  That just is self explanatory.  It was a really good night for us and the kids.  

The nice weather is the other factor.  I went for a couple of really long walks.  Sunday found me cutting down brown, dead stuff in the garden, digging out a few plants, filling the wheelbarrow, checking the bees, directing the MA as he used the tractor to fix the massive chunks of lawn the snowplow took out this past fall, raking, and a bunch of other things I can't remember.  I have some photos but I frankly can't be bothered to post them right now....  Lol.

My legs are really tired from the shoveling, my elbow is tired from all sorts of stuff and my eyes are tired from yet again not falling asleep in a timely manner.

On a positive note, we got to talk to the Mad-second son last night for a long time and we get to FaceTime with miss Ella and her parents tonight.  And plans are underway for visits from both of them, so that definitely made my night.

There is a week of wonderful weather evenings coming up and a plan for a day trip on Saturday!  So this is looking good.  Daffodils continue to open and there should be a massive bloom happening later in the week!!!

In spite of exhaustion, I am feeling ever optimistic and summer is ON ITS WAY!!  So many YESES to that!!!!

Planning to find all the joy that I can until then!  :)

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