Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day! Already?

I changed my calendar to May this morning!  HOLY smokes how did that happen??

Lovely May sunrise

It is a beautiful morning, just a few clouds that made a lovely sunrise possible.  Warmish out (who am I kidding, my feet were freezing when I was standing out there barefoot) with the promise of a lot of smiles.

May is a time of anticipation.  Students are anticipating the end of school.  Seniors are anticipating graduation.  Teachers are anticipating a rest coming in just a few weeks.  Summer always holds so much promise and thoughts of adventure and respite.

This past week has been a lovely gift in the weather department- walks have been taken and gardens have been worked in.  I know that I have to begin lifting up some heavy weights as I have aches where there should be none.  But this will start and indeed already has.

May has the promise of visitors too!  I will get to see my grandkiddos this month and my boys and my Sarahs and I am so so excited!  Speaking of excited, it seems the Mad-middle son and his lovely Sarah could be having an addition to their family coming in the fall, and I can hardly contain myself! Life is so full of lovely surprises.

May has a number of birthdays I enjoy, too, most notably my little Greggy and my seester Rose!!  Two of my favorite peeps!  (don't worry all the rest of you, you are my favorite peeps as well!)  

May is looking to start off really well- it is Friday after all!  AND I "may" have a day trip of pictures, coffee and Lake Superior planned!  And this will be good.

Hope your May Day is spectacular!  And most importantly - full of joy!

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