Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A random Wednesday morning in May

Last night was not a very good sleep night for me.  I have to learn to shut down my brain, but that isn't always possible.  The MA suggested at 2:30 in the am when I tried a 3rd different place to sleep that maybe I need to get more exercise.....  isn't he cute??  He was kind enough to let me sleep alone the last few hours so I could actually have a couple hours of shut eye.  I used to be able to sleep like him- lay down, shut eyes, drift off....  must be nice.  I know that this is a cycle, I've gone through this before.  It is just annoying.

So, in other random news, I started riding my bike again!  YAY for nice weather.  I am way more comfortable and confident on it.  I don't feel like I am going to take a header onto the road or have a stone tip me over.  Cars coming up behind me still bug me, but I assume that is a rational fear! I am very grateful for the mirror I had installed.  Speaking of which, if you are in the Park Falls area and want a bike, I cannot recommend Lucky 13 Power Sports enough!!  They got me a new dealie for my handlebar that allows me to tilt it back so I don't lean on my hands and elbows for now, and they considered it warranty work!  First year check up/tune up free!  I was blown away and so impressed.  I will say that although my arm gets sore when I ride, it recovers quickly- so win!!

Today is our last early dismiss day, hopefully forever.  We started having early dismiss days when we had to learn new technology things back in the day.  And they have been used heavily since, but apparently the calendar committee got the message that there are better ways to hold inservices, which is really nice.  Our time is much better used with full days, so we can collaborate with our colleagues and actually get some of the things we are needing to do- done.  So much "stuff" that needs to be documented and researched and uploaded and all.  oy.

I am looking outside at some sprinkles on the window.  It is nice to see that, as the Northwoods is a bit dry.  While we had a really nice rain Sunday, it was of the scattered variety.  The next few days has rain in the forecast, so that will help the green overtake the brown.  When you live this close to forest, you can get a little nervous about the dry.  Visitors don't always take the burn bans seriously.

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and I am thrilled to have Jon, Sarah and Ella coming!  All I want for Mother's Day is breakfast!  :)  IE: I don't want to make pancakes on Sunday I want to go somewhere.  I don't care how busy it might be.....

Well, I better get this day started.  Hope you all have a great Wednesday!  Be a joy giver today!  :)

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