Friday, May 8, 2015


I don't know if I was setting myself up yesterday, but I maintain that Thursdays are (and surely were yesterday) the hardest day of the week.  I mentioned to a friend that I was feeling an undercurrent at school yesterday, and I was a little worried about the day.  Well, saying that was either a BIG mistake or it was a nasty coincidence.  I started the day with a moment of sadness with a colleague that yet another friend of ours will be leaving the area, which is giving me all sorts of sads. This one was another shock- not from our school, so don't worry people.  

My school day then was fast, busy, intense and upsetting to a degree.  I rarely have moments of head butting with students, but yesterday was my day for that apparently.  You'd think I would get used to this sort of thing, but no.  AND it was one of those days where things continued through the entirety of the afternoon as well.  I can't go into it of course, but I am sad to admit that my day was kind of a bust.  I am not sure why students think that we as teachers are trying to be unreasonable, when really all we want is to do the right thing.  Or in the case of the elementary school, let the other students learn in spite of a few children's wishes for extra attention.  It was a difficult day and I let it get to me way more than I should have, but I did.  I left both of my rooms in states of disarray as I just couldn't deal with anything other than my feelings of helplessness and frustration.  So I have that to look forward to this morning....

HOWEVER, I had a pedicure planned for the late afternoon and it was the first time I have been to this location and I was delighted and thrilled when they offered me a lil glass of white wine!  Between that and a prior little chat with a friend, my upsets of the day melted right away.  It was so nice to have these things break my mood, as it would have taken about 5 miles of walking to do that, and then I would have replayed everything in my head again and again.  ANYWAY, now I have pretty pink toes and had a really good evening..... wine, it helps everything!  And of course friends.


First of all, my little sweet grandboy Greggy turned 1 already!!  How does this happen so fast??  I will be seeing the Mad Middle son and his sweet Sarah and Greggy coming up at the end of the month and I am beside myself with excitement.  I can't wait!!

SECOND, I get to see my Ella TONIGHT!!!!  Jon and Sarah will be heading up here for Mother's Day, and to visit, after work!!  I am SO HAPPY to have them here for Mother's Day.  A grandkiddo is just icing on the cake.  I can't wait for this too!!  (I am filled with I can't waits, believe me)  

And today, we have a lovely breakfast that will be served by the National Honor Society for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It is always such a nice event, the kids are awesome and all we need to say is pancakes.... then apparently we will be having a pizza lunch courtesy of our principal!  So this girl doesn't have to even bring one thing to school in my lunch bag!  Strange indeed.  

I am going to just go ahead and assume this is going to be a great day, and I want someone to remind me that Thursdays do not have to be unpleasant - next week that is.  May is a hard hard month in school, so I think I have to put a smile on my face and the thicker skin with which to let difficult moments roll off a little more quickly.  That last thing is something I just have such a hard time doing.  Fortunately, I have a nice bottle of white in my frig for those unfortunate days of the week when that doesn't happen. 

So one way or another, I will find my joy!  I do have a lot of patience and always a lot of hope.

Have a lovely Friday everyone!!

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