Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Ah,  Father's Day.....  I always feel sort of bad on Father's Day.* All these people hugging their fathers and all the pictures just sort of bums me out.  I am not saying they shouldn't do it, but you know what I mean!

Dad and little Debi

And Father's Day didn't lure in the children either, so I don't get to enjoy them as a result of this day either, lol.  The elusive Mike did come over last night and stayed a nice long time.  It was great to listen to he and his dad talk.  You can do a lot of reconnaissance by staying quiet and listening.  So all is well and busy in his world.

Anywho, back to Father's Day, it has been long enough that I don't openly cry anymore about the lack of a person to celebrate, but it certainly does make me melancholy.  It still feels funny not to have a father around anymore.  And the MA's father has been gone even longer, so we are sort of afloat today.

Ok, positive spin for the day.  Being able to recognize that you are feeling bad because you no longer have a father is a sign that that father did a pretty good job of raising you.  While certainly not perfect, I truly believe most people do the best they can with what they have to work with at the time.  There was no doubt that our father loved us, though he did not show it very often.  He wasn't a huggy, touchy/feely person- unless you were a really little kid, then he was.  He loved babies and toddlers.  It was a hoot to watch him with the little ones.  When he was in a good frame of mind he would talk and talk and be very entertaining. I really do have fond memories growing up with him.  He was gone a lot, because he was a farmer, but he was a steady influence on life at home.  He did not go to the bars, he did not hurt us, he gave us the best life he could, though some of us had to do some fast talking to get our college education and get out of the immediate area!  (You are welcome, the rest of you in my family) And like I said, we knew we were loved.

Anyway, that is my Father's Day post, I really don't want to make myself all weepy, so I will leave this like this. I hope if your daddy is alive you get to go and see him or at least talk to him.  If not, then I hope you, like me, can have a few memories that make you smile through a tear or two.  If you have no relationship with your actual father, then I hope you can connect with that father figure in  your life today.  And if you ARE a father, I hope you get to hug your kids today.

Have a lovely day everyone!  May it give you lots of love and buckets of joy.

*Ah, rats, I reread this old post and now I am sort of crying....  oh well.

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