Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vacation within the vacation

I had a really good start of the summer traveling around the state of WI and a little Minnesota and Illinois this past week.

I set this trip up sort of backwards- my cousin Karla knew that I frequently traveled south right after school is done, so she invited me to come to her daughter's graduation.  This is somewhat precipitated by the fact that her mother- my FAAAAAVorite auntie from my childhood- stopped by here in February while visiting a friend in nearby Phillips, WI.  Regardless, I was invited to this graduation and I realized it was a great opportunity to catch up with the relatives that I haven't seen in a very long time.  So, cut to my phone call with my sister and asking her if she maybe was interested in going as well!  Which allowed me the opportunity to just invite myself over to her house before that, so yeah, that I how I ended up with a vacation within a vacation.

In case you all didn't notice I was a little stressed during the last few weeks of school.  And this get away allowed me to divest myself of much of my upset.  Being with my sister does that to me, and getting out of the Northwoods into the more urban environment is the best way to start summer- except of course for our required post school visit to Bayfield.
Lego garden decorations/art at the Arbo

Peony walk was open

A Nevelson in the sculpture garden!!  YAY

It was the best 6 days.  Among the other things that we did, the three of us girls, Rose and Emily and I, all went to have a pedicure.  It was Emily's first one and that was pretty cool.  The spa we went to has huge windows where you can sit and look out at the woods. Rose and I then headed over for a walk/drive at the arboretum nearby.  It was such a nice afternoon.

There was Thursday then, when I did not have to get out of my pajamas until 11 am!!  That never happens and as I said on FaceBook AND Twitter- I won Thursday.  We were chatting on her screen porch (it was raining and it was awesome) and just relaxing.  YAY!  Throw in some lovely shopping and a meal or two out and about (INDIAN FOOD!) and it was just perfect.

Friday found us heading south to the oldest Mad-Son's  house to stay for the weekend.  We had a good drive and a nice time with them.  Of course, Ella was in fine form.  LOVE that kid, oh my gosh.

Ever entertaining

We are sleepy yet

SO!! The best BEST Gramma moment ever:  We got to their house in the mid afternoon, and Ella was at her last day of daycare.  Sarah needed to shop alone and do some things around her house.  So Jon picked the kid up when he was finished with work.  We were in the livingroom when they got home and she heard voices when they came in the garage entrance to the house.  She came around the corner, saw me and I said her name.  She LITERALLY threw her coat over her shoulder, raised her little arms in the air and RAN TO ME!!!!  I, for all intents and purposes, rarely wasn't holding her for the rest of the weekend.  I, by the way, also won Friday.  :)  Sarah and Jon are awesome hosts and we had a lovely time with them.
Selfie with aunt Ruth


My dad's siblings- Linda, David and Ruth with Cathy- David's wife off to the side!

Rose with Karla and Linda

Saturday, Rose and I drove down to the other side of Rockford for the graduation party.  When we arrived we saw in the middle of room a table full of aunties and an uncle and a few cousins we haven't seen in a long long time.  It was so nice to see them again, and we talked and talked until they all had to leave.  I have a few pictures, and I definitely regret not getting a table shot of them all.  One of my cousins, Kurt, I have not seen probably since he was in High School! He looks so much like my uncle Larry, it was amazing.  I got "Deborahed" by my aunt Cathy- as in she called me Deborah which NO one does anymore.  It was pretty funny.  I can not begin to express how wonderful it was to spend time with these ladies and my uncle David.  And to do a little reconnecting with my cousins- this is where FaceBook is awesome.  I feel like I know a couple of them because we have recently become FaceBook friends, and I had some working knowledge of their families.  Fun stuff.


Relaxing on that awesome screen porch

Sunday we drove (well, Rose drove as my arm was exhausted from all the driving I had done plus little miss who was my BFF for the weekend) back to the cities on Sunday, and I waited until Monday to leave.  I had a nice breakfast with a friend of mine at The People's Organic and had a really great curried tofu scramble.  SO GOOD! 

All sorts of yum

My Minne friend, Bonnie

Anyway, I needed that trip.  It was a perfect way to distance myself from school and truly relax.  My sister is the best!!!  I had such a nice time with her and Bill and Emily.

Family time is a sure way to get your daily dose of joy!

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