Sunday, June 7, 2015

Filling a need

Rocks overlooking the lake
Ah yes summer.....

Driving onto The Madeline!
Finally, I have gotten into summer mode and that happened at some point in the morning on Saturday.  Oh wait!  I know EXACTLY when that was.  It happened when we drove onto the ferry and it pulled away from the dock on our way to Madeline Island.....

Transformation to summer mode is occurring right HERE

Our favorite ferry- the Madeline

But I am jumping ahead here.  The whole transformation actually began when we got up to Coco's North in Washburn and we settled in with some excellent coffee (well, two of us did) and an even more excellent breakfast.  Coco's breakfasts are top notch, as are their lunches..... and late afternoon sandwiches from the deli with yummy bakery- not that we know anything about that.  

Veggie frittata and fresh fruit

On this particular trip was the weekend of both the Bayfield in Bloom garden tours AND the free State Park passes.  So we partook in both of those.  We only went to one garden that included a pond and a spectacular view of the Lake.  It was fun to see, but we didn't want to spend to much time on the mainland..... AND the Mad-English teacher is not a big garden aficionado.  
And yes, btw, we DID get to the Big Water Coffee Shop because it would literally be a crime not to stop there.
Part of the gardens at the Collins residence north of Bayfield.

We were informed as we purchased tickets for the ferry that the Madeline Island Ferry Line was picking up the return tickets for all folks who went to visit the Big Bay State Park this weekend, so what a deal!  We gladly went to visit that park and I have some spectacular photos to  prove it.  But first we hit up the Big Bay Town Park and walked on the beach.  The water was pretty cold as you can imagine, and it was chilly enough that warranted keeping one's hoodie on during the entire trip, but it just didn't matter.  A zipped up sweatshirt, rolled up capris pants and bare/sandaled feet made total sense during this sojourn on the island.   And we saw lots of doggies to pet and say hello to as well! 

Warming up my feeties- I ended up carrying these most of the way.

Big Bay Town park

The next step was to go get our return tickets to Bayfield and explore the totally different landscape of the Big Bay State Park.  The rock outcroppings are spectacular!  So many scenic vistas, so many scary high rocks to climb on, or avoid, or hold your breath and do it anyway.

As you maybe can see by the map, the Big Bay State Park is to the south of the Town Park, but it is all connected.  We have not yet walked all the way from the Town to the State Park, but that will be happening at some point.  Too many things to do in one day to fully explore what we need to!

This is roughly the same shot as above

The scenery is just spectacular, isn't it?  I threw in one of the icy pix that I took when I was up there earlier in the year.

Our day ended on the upper deck of the Bayfield Inn, looking out over the Lake, drinking a tasty Margarita and having a few nachos....  and since we did not have lunch, we did stop by Coco's on the way through for a nice little sweet treat to top off the trip.  Fortunately, one of us does not partake in tequila libations, so we had a great ride home.

Filling our needs was pretty important yesterday.  We needed to place a punctuation mark on this school year- we needed to have a little finality.  We also needed to see the positive and good for the coming months and share in new adventures and have more laughs. There were so many tweetable moments on this trip, yet again, and mostly because of the lack of "bars" in the far north, they went unsaid. But they will be in our memories!

Coffee was consumed and purchased for later use, Coco's ambience was soaked in, the Ferry was like a home-coming. Madeline Island and Bayfield is an entirely different state of mind, and is the place we go to when we just can't play adult any more. 

Madeline Island Ferry buddies

Looking out at the docks 

We were doing a little secret picture taking of each other, which is a hoot.  The Mad-Science teacher thinks it is funny when the English guy and I are madly texting when we get some bars in random places.  She hasn't posted that photo yet, but that is only a matter of time.  :)

It was a long way down!

I think this man is spying on me!

Puppies are everywhere!

Rare Art teacher sighting on the cliffs

The biggest need we had to fill was the need to be over the sad feelings.  On to our summer adventures where ever they lead us and whoever we will spend them with.  And you can be sure some of our summer adventures will continue in our happy place- in the farthest reaches of Northern Wisconsin with some of the best friends I will ever have.

And we will all find more of our joy!

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