Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2 of birthday month

I actually had a few things that could have qualified today for my birthday month celebration, but I HAVE to say that spending time with, shopping and lunching with my dear friend Cat was the highlight of 7/2/2015!  It was such a nice afternoon and we had a lovely lunch at the Crimson Cafe in Rhinelander.  It had been ages since we had spent more than a few minutes together, so we had a lot of ground to cover.  YAY for reconnecting with friends.

Rhinelander was a nice place to do a little thrift shopping and a little health food store visiting and it was super to head that way with Cat.  It was a gorgeous day,  and I am very sorry that I neglected to take a photo of the two of us like I usually do.  Falling down on the job, I guess.

Apparently this is  also the day that the Mad-Art teacher crashes from the excitement of the last few weeks.  I went from giddy to sad in about 5.5 seconds after I arrived home. I could actually feel it happening when I got up this morning.  I know that this is typical for me, but I really hate it when I fall.  sigh.  I am mostly back to myself, but the sads are lingering in the background. 

Ah yes.  Such is life, right?  But I did have a wonderful day and I am carrying out a plan that I made a couple days ago.  I am  not going to give it away quite yet!  :)  It is much more fun than I anticipated.  HAHAHA keep y'all in suspense!  **rubs hands gleefully together**

Anyway, nice end to the night- went for a mini photo shoot and took a couple photos of the orange sunset.  All courtesy of the wild fires out west.  It's sort of sullying up the blue skies, but I guess there is nothing we can do about that!  

Anyway, have yourself a pleasant evening and hope you have had a day with at least a little joy!

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  1. So, happy belated beginnings to your birthday month! LOL!