Monday, July 6, 2015

Birthday month continues.....

Yeah, so basically I went into a mini hibernation the last few days, and didn't do a whole lot of anything.  I have been cleaning a bit and doing some outside chores and other things that didn't require a lot of mental energy.  The Mad-Art Teacher needed a reset couple of days!  I go through times like this when life just seems too much to handle, and after retreating into my own little world,  I come out ready for action again.

I did have some very nice little birthday month treats for myself, not the least of which was seeing my little grandboy!  And my Mad-Second Son and his Sarah.  In case you haven't heard, they are in the process of moving up here, since he secured a good job in the area and well....  kids, I'm gonna have a grandbaby (and another son and one of my Sarahs!!!) near me!  Exciting stuff!

Another thing I began doing over the weekend was to pull out the piano bench and start playing again.  I was very happy when the pieces I used to play the most come right back after just 2 days of practice- mostly, that is.  When I got to a piece with 3 sharps I was totally blank on what that third sharp was- but my fingers remembered.  I have more practicing to do!  My hands and arms are really tired today from the baby holding and the piano playing.  I will begin my Italian lessons again in a week or so.  That stupid elbow breaking business certainly did make my life spin out in directions I didn't expect.

I also realize I have those 2 Denver posts to do yet, and I plan to, but it might be a while.  Today I go pick up my dear friend Cheri from the Amtrak station in Columbus!  She is going to spend the rest of the week with me, and I am so very excited!  You just KNOW that Bayfielding and kayaking and other enjoyable things will be happening.  And not only that, I get to see miss Ella tonight, since we are staying with Jon and Sarah for the night.

I have a little bit more finishing up here in the house and then I need to pack an overnight bag and it occurs to me I have no idea what I am going to have for meals when Cheri is here!  Lol, well I am pretty good at punting.  That is after all, what summer is all about.  Rolling with the way the day goes.

I needed this reset.  I feel good again, not letting life's little disappointments get me down for long.  And that is a joy!

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