Monday, July 27, 2015

MUCH higher hopes for this Friday! :)

Guys, I realized this morning how I got freaking gyped out of my birthday last year!!  I had forgotten no, blotted, hmmmmm no, scrubbed and bleached the memory right out of my mind.  But I was reminded of it this morning and I had an aha moment.  This is the synopsis of that particular week- I am glad that I wrote it down, because I hadn't remembered the chain of events a bit.  Stupid Lymes.

Anyway, this year I will have company on my birthday! The Mad-Oldest son and his lovely Sarah-Grace and Ella will be coming for the local celebration:  Flambeau-rama!  And to visit us and also to attend his class reunion.  The number of which I do not care to think about.  So that is pretty awesome, and of course the mad-middle son and his lovely Sarah and lil Greg are up here now.  And then the elusive Mike.....  Apparently we are all going out to eat on Friday as well.  So yay for me I guess.  As an added bonus my seester-Rose and her Emily are on their way here and the fact that it is just before my birthday makes things even better!

And I am going to be very VERY selfish and say that no one and NOTHING had  better dull my sparkle this year!  HAHA.  Actually I am so happy to know that I will see almost all of my close friends in the next week or two.  I love that my birthday visits and lunches and trips go on for a while after the actual day, because it would be too hard to get quality time with everyone.  Having my kids around will be so awesome, as that doesn't happen all that much.  And talking to and spending time with my friends here is just so special.  Summer is the best time to connect and enjoy people that I either don't see often or spend time with at school, and that is usually not too relaxing!  But that is what it is.

So many people lately have wanted to imply that my summer is going fast and that I must be regretful/sad/panicky.  But no, that is not the case this year and I am not going to push it along.  I have a lot of time left in my summer.  Have I mentioned this before?  If I have, sorry.  If you find yourself asking a teacher that, then may I ask you to not do that.  We have a very keen radar that knows exactly how much time is left before school starts.  Some people, like me, totally shut that radar down until sometime in mid-August.  I prefer to live in the moment and these moments are for continuing my quest for health and strength and relaxation and renewal.... and other aspects of life that will remain unmentioned I guess.

So, I will head out and finish up my preparations for company.  I hope you have a fabulous week!  I am going to give it my best shot personally.  :)

And that will be a joy!

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