Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday morning musings

Well one more day of birthday month is coming up - after today I guess.  Somehow I feel like my birthday is like a little separate entity unto itself....  I hesitate to say it's own "month" but should have its own page on my calendar!  :D

Anyway, I am trying to rustle up some enthusiasm for the day.  I have had a lovely couple days with my sister and niece, we have done some really nice things and it has been spectacular to spend some unexpected time with them.  I had today planned for a week or so, and I will be kayaking with a friend who I hadn't seen in a year!  My friend Jen who I constantly channel when I am paddling.  I always imagine myself kayaking like her, relaxed, calm, and not working too hard to accomplish what needs to be done- and by that I mean she never looks like she is expending unnecessary energy.  If this sounds negative at all, I don't mean it that way.  I think she is the zen master of kayak!!

I am a tired girl today.  I have not been sleeping the best, and I have not been getting the "cardio" that I am used to and that actually wears on me quite a bit.  Basically, I have worn myself to a frazzle and I am feeling the effects.  I need a vacation from myself I think.

Today has some promise of surprises  as well as some great friends sharing their thoughts as we paddle on a lake.  Sounds like a restaurant stop will happen for lunch- paddle up dining anyone?  This is cool beyond belief.   

The next few days will also be a whirlwind of company, and Ella, and Flambeaurama and cooking and hopefully a lot of family time.  I hope it doesn't rain Sunday, as the big parade will be going on as well.  

So I hope I didn't sound ungrateful or spoiled or something, but it is not my most happy morning today.  But hey, it is my birthday month and my blog and I can whine a little if I want to!  :)

So I am going to have a little more coffee and get ready for the day and wait for surprises and for Ella and the Mad-first son and his lovely Sarah and anything else that the day throws at me...

And it is sure to be a joy!

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