Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quick hit catchup


Yeah I am feeling obnoxious this morning, and what in the world am I doing up at 5 am- well you guessed it by now!!  IT'S ANOTHER KAYAK DAY!!!!!  WHHHHHHOOOOOOPPPPP!!

Ok, now that I got that out of my system...  so this will be a no photo post, as I have not yet developed ooops edited my photos.  When I am tired like this, that is actually the word that popped to my mind, so out it came.  A quick list of fun things, or maybe not quite as fun, since I last said hello.  Or maybe they will all be fun, who the hell knows about me.  Hmmmmmm, well let's see:

1.  I went on a KILLER kayak session the day before my birthday, like I actually got wet from the waves, windy and wavy day kayak session.  I may post more about this.

2.  I had a FANTASTIC birthday!  Began the day with Ella and Jon and Sarah, went and walked around a little downtown, relaxed, eventually had dinner out with the entire family, so finished off with Ella and little Greggy!!


4. I did almost nothing yesterday to recover from having company for 7 straight days.

5.  Got to Bayfield last week and got sunburned in the clouds (takes a special kind of talent and a special sort of pale!)

6. YOU GUYS!!! I cried like 4 times on my birthday from all the amazing messages, texts, phone calls, and over 150 facebook (and twitter- yes from some of my twitter friends!) Happy Birthdays!  I am a sentimental sap, I know, but I don't care. This is why I love my birthday.  And it was sunny.

7. I finally got to the gym again yesterday and I feel it today! (awesome stuff)

8. Parade on Sunday was fine, and I saw a bunch of my students...... and they are excited for school....  I am glad I have 3 weeks left.....

9.  Unfortunately, sort of, I can feel my brain start to shift.  I am beginning to feel school creeping in to my brain.

10. SOMEONE remind me to call School Specialty when I get home from kayaking- I need my order from them!  yeesh.

11. Oh yeah, we had a fire in the fire ring on my birthday, too.

12.  Well, I gave myself 15 minutes, which was only briefly interrupted for a quick coffee run.  And meow I have to get going.  I am picking up the Mad-English teacher in a half hour and I am still in my robe.  :)

Have yourself a joyful day everyone!

psssst: we are headed to a REALLY big lake today!  :D