Friday, August 7, 2015

Well, well, well, what should I start with here.....

So I have a lot of things that could/should be covered here.  I just don't even know where to start.  It is, thankfully, still early August.  Another weekend is upon us and I had a pretty interesting week.  :) I began my week of up in Washburn- on Lake Superior- kayaking!!  And we got to kayak in some SEA CAVES!!!  YEEEESSS.  (you will notice kayaking drives my blogging decisions quite frequently these days)  There were a lot of other things this week, but they are for another post or in some cases not for public consumption.

It was a spectacular morning- we left early to get to Thompsons West End Park by about 7:30 or shortly before and put into Lake Superior.

When the Mad-English teacher and I did the Book Across the Bay 1.5 years ago, we were smitten with the little island that had a fire breathing ice dragon right by it.  This cute little island!  And we were determined to find the little guy and we did! 

 There are caves along that shoreline to the south of Washburn and we had a great time exploring and paddling and generally having fun.  We proceeded north and past my car to go along the shore.  Eventually we got up to the Marina, which is when we noticed a turn in the mood of the lake.  What began as a serene paddle became a little more challenging.  When we were going around the marina the water became significantly more choppy, and while we did proceed to the other side and continued up the shore a ways, we found our point of exit.  We decided to get out before we got back to the car, and I just simply walked back to get it.  Maybe a mile, no biggie.

By the time we got everything all arranged it was almost noon and as we say in the car on the way to Coco's -  DEBI AND ADAM HUNGRY!!!  So we had a great idea and ordered a plate of falafel and a plate of dal and we split it!  NOM NOM NOM!!  Serious good eats there, people.

Of course there was then the requisite trip to Bayfield for Debi's coffee habit and we *may* have stopped at the candy store.... 

I could do this almost every single day.  I am very happy for 2- 3 time a week, which I have TOTALLY nailed!  

The thing about the kayaking- it is such a relaxing yet physical sport.  We feel VERY BRAVE being on Lake Superior and we just don't care if we choose the calmest days to go- we are smart!! We discover new things all the time when we go. 

I believe these are the nests of some sort of swallows

These stairs (totally unedited photo I see) belong to friends of ours~

No matter where you look, there is quite a view.
Anyway, enjoy the scenery and whatever you do look for your joy.... and it helps to hang out with a rocking awesome joygiver as well.


  1. Kudo's to you for kayaking the Big Lake Gitcheegoomie! So glad you had calm seas to navigate. I bet it was 'beyond words' beautiful :)

    1. It WAS beyond words, even though I manage to come up with a few of them! :) Thank you for the kudos, we do feel brave when we do that. It was our second one and weather willing we are going to do it again one more time this summer. Woo HOO