Monday, August 10, 2015

School vs.summer Debi

There is a massive battle going on in my being right now.  My school persona is starting to intrude on the summer spirit that is me.  Of course it had to happen and of course it is beginning now....  but I am not ready for it after this amazing summer.

I have friends whose children are heading back to school today (those poor things), and virtual friends who are teachers who are headed back or have gone back already (someone send them some tequila), there are all those nasty school supplies in ALLLL the stores, and it is drawing me in.  I even had to call one of my art supply companies to confirm part of my order, as I had apparently transposed a couple numbers in my frantic ordering session the day before the requisitions were due back at the end of June- imagine that!  So all that will be waiting for me as well.

I have decided (with the smallest encouragement) to do a summer redux here soon. I think it will be a nice way to really revel in the luxury of summer days that are there for the filling with all things amazing and entertaining.

The school year coming will have it's usual challenges, but it will be uniquely odd this year.  One of my best friends and favorite colleagues has moved on to another position in a different school.  It pains me more than words can say.  I can't imagine what I am going to do.  We also have another big turnover in staff at the high school.  For a variety of reasons- and that is also hard for those of us who are remaining.

I am feeling anxious and a little sad and definitely restless.  I am trying to make plans, but need to spend a day or two at home working on a couple of projects.  This is pretty typical for me to feel this so I am not too concerned, but it makes me want to run away and hide big time.  I have to work through the sad today I think.

I have no doubt that there could be some people who think I should suck it up, buttercup, but that is not very nice now is it?  Whatcha reading my blog for then??  :)

Alright, time to start the day.  Because I never know what it will bring, and so often it is a joyful thing.  Have a good day everyone

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