Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Early morning kayak and the reason for having one....

I got up early this morning, even though I really wanted to go back to sleep.  I had "planned" to do this yesterday, but I didn't.  Somehow actually loading the kayak into the vehicle makes it more likely to happen.  The weather was right for some mist rising off the lake and river- the water is warm and the night air was cold- perfect for a smoky look with the clouds.... the synergy was in place.

I got up and filled a travel mug with coffee, a perfect idea if I do say so myself.  I was half bundled in a hoodie as the temperature was 45!  Yikes!  So with flip flops and a hoodie, coffee and a camera, off I went in search in of some lovely sunrise photos.

This kayak has been a thing of wonder.  I have spent so many wonderful hours in it, out by myself and out with friends as well.  It has been a vehicle in which to carry my camera and a device in which I have found my peace.  I have found that the freedom of being alone in a kayak has been an experience that I find to be unequaled.  I love the altered point of view that I have, encountering things that I never would have otherwise...

I use my summer to recharge my batteries for the next school year, and this summer I have discovered that I need to do something else.  There are lingering effects and lessons from the breaking of the elbows and also from the Lymes that I had last summer.  The effects of course are minor physical limitations that I am in the process of overcoming.  The lesson centers directly around the idea of living in the now and living how you want.

I love to travel, I needed to get on an airplane, I wanted to be able to go on a mini-vacation when I needed one, and  this summer has been one of truly making the most of my time.  I had a week here and there of decompress and reboot.  Some days where I did almost nothing other than what I had to. I did what I NEEDED, not what I should have done, virtually every day.

Having the kayak and to a bit of a lesser extent, my bike, has given me the freedom to recover slowly from my arm injury and to become stronger in many ways.  I felt brave going into the water the first couple times all by myself.  Then heading into the river channel and going against the waves and the current.  Heading out to bike 5 then 10 and even 30 miles!  Going to Lake Superior.  Overcoming mental roadblocks that needed to be overcome.   And all the while finding out new things about myself that I would not have guessed.

This was a summer full of joy, of adventure, of travel and of discovery.  It was a summer of passion- I have found some things that I have never would have guessed would make me tick and respond and make me thrilled and excited to get up in the morning.  I am hoping to use the energy I drew from my experiences and from the universe in general, to get me through this upcoming school year in a positive way.  And I hope I can pass that energy onto the people in my life.

And I have some really awesome photos as a bonus!

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