Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer time memories

Well, good morning!  I was planning on beginning my favorite summer memories countdown today, but alas I sort of got up too late to really do it justice.  So this is a prequel to events...

As perhaps discussed before, today I a Bayfield day!  Maybe I didn't discuss this... whoever knows.  Today will be great day, as I am going Bayfielding with my good friends the Mad English and Science Teachers.  This is going to be our final summer outing together and we have our plans made and our stuff packed.  Hopefully it will be nice enough for a little dip in the Big Lake.

I have been feeling very sad that summer is coming to an end, and so the thought came to me, and I have had encouragement to review my summer and what a truly incredible time I have had.  Something about having life altering experiences has changed my attitude towards many things, and not waiting until the time is perfect or the planets align, or the weather is exactly like it should be.... there is no time like the present and if you don't plan to do something, you just WON'T!!!

I lived like that long enough.

And, seriously, housework and crap like that is way over rated.

It is almost time for school brain to take over, so Summer Debi would like a little recap so she will be able to access those times when School Debi is wanting to escape for a few moments....

And hopefully can immerse herself in some joy.

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