Friday, August 21, 2015

Aaaaaaand scene....

IPhone photos- no edits- I have a boatload of pix to edit from my big camera

Today was sort of the last official day of my summer vacation. While I knew that this was coming, to stare it in the face is quite upsetting in many ways.  I understand that in order to support my summertime habits, I have to work.  And I know my sweet kiddos at school will be very excited to see me.  This is a wonderful thing, and come Sept. 1 I will actually feel this happiness again.

Today I did my final paddle of the summer.  I possibly may kayak again this weekend, and definitely this coming week, but the flavor is not going to be the same.  It won't be that "I wonder what day this is" relaxation that colored my weeks.  I kayaked with the Mad-English teacher today, fittingly enough on the Flambeau, which is where we did our very first kayak together in May.  It was a symmetrical end to a wonderful, busy, active summer- a perfect bookend.

When we finished our paddle, the statement was made: and now summer vacation is over.  It was poignant and very sad.  But I need to remember the amazing time I had this summer of 2015,  where I discovered the need to LIVE life and not whine about the freaking summer going so fast.  Live your life people, don't complain about it.  Even if you are busy, have family, etc, etc, etc, you can find time to go out and do something.  As simple as a walk or as complex and expensive as a trip.  It is better than sitting in the house.  Don't wait until the time is right, because it never will be.

This morning was chilly, in fact cold, as I was taking my canoe stuff to the truck.  I found as I loaded the canoe how much easier it is now to handle.  I noticed when I got into the kayak how much easier that seemed as well.... I am not graceful by any means- lol coughbrokenelbowsahem- and I finally feel like my balance is getting back to what it was.  I have a dry bag and have been using my DSLR on the water, which has enhanced my enjoyment and doubled the putz factor when I paddle.  I feel calmer, stronger and my joy factor has tripled.  I have seen real progress in physical and internal ways that I didn't realize could be possible.  I have lived with no. freaking. regrets.

Hanging out by DeMars bridge for a moment of rest

  Holy smokes.  

Adventures, activities, fun with many or with only one or two.  I have done so many things that I have never done before.  It was a full, fulfilling and joy-filled.

The fact is, though, that I had tears all the way home from the boat landing, which is not that far, but still.  A wonderful friend, an awesome friend, my partner in all things biking and kayaking and snowshoeing and traveling and eating awesome vegetarian foods is moving away.  It is NOT fair and it is not right but it is true.  Maybe the universe was altering the course of an extraordinary human being for some good reason, but I do humbly object.  I heard voices telling me not to cry- I'll still see him and talk to him and tweet/message/text him, but it is not the same.  Not at all.  I had a very enjoyable last day at home, but it was sprinkled with my tears.  Don't cry debi....

Amazing clouds

Alright, so facing up to this final day that was filled with allllll the feels I could possibly feel was hard. However I have to keep pushing ahead.  I need to do some things for school this weekend- as in buying a few supplies I need to start the year, including new skirt hangers for some new clothes (this is making me smile for a moment!) and other little sundry items that I need to get. So, unfortunate or not, I have to move on.  Fortunately I have another Friday and then a Monday coming that will make this transition a little easier.

Lol an ironic vandal....

The weekend is upon us tomorrow and I have a few things going on.  A little this and that and ending with a little grandboy time.  But weighing on my mind will be the changes that are happening and the school year coming up. However, if you know me at all, I will end the summer and begin the new school season with a positive attitude.  Because that is my gig and it is how I can continue in my quest to be a joy giver.

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