Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Memories - take 1

I had a whole different plan for this particular post, but I am going to kick off these memories with the most recent one.**

The Madeline Island phase of Bayfielding

As I said, we went for  a trip up to Bayfield yesterday.  Even though it was cloudy here in Park Falls, it was much more pleasant and sunny up north farther.  It was not warm, so it didn't quite seem like swimming weather, but that is indeed what the Mad English teacher and I did!  But I digress....
OH well, yeah, we may have stopped at Big Waters Coffee!

We headed out for Bayfield, but had our requisite stop in Bayfield for breakfast at Coco's in Washburn.  It was outstanding as per usual.  We picked up some bakery to take home, which is also part of the routine.

The best lunch EVER!

We landed downtown first, did some shopping and then headed to the ferry for a lovely ride over to Madeline Island.  The unusual and noteworthy thing here was the fantastic picnic that was provided by the Mad Science teacher, courtesy of the string of company that she had had last week.  We had a decadent selection of yummy things to choose from and we ate until we were stuffed.  So fun to eat on the beach!

Swimming in the COLD waters
We walked on the beach, which was super nice- the water was not too cold, or so it seemed, and then after lunch we headed out into the water for a swim.  Swimming in Lake Superior has been something that has been discussed for a while now.  It has been tricky to arrange schedules to accommodate this particular item on the list, but we did it!  The air temp was not particularly warm, but we were far from the only people on the beach!  Lots of kayakers, swimmers, beach walkers on Madeline!

Looking UP while on the beach

I will admit that I have not been swimming in YEARS!  I guess the last time was when I was in the Boundary waters!  It was a hoot!  But it took several minutes for me to work up the courage to dunk myself under, as that water was chilly!  Yikes.

Heading onto the Madeline with the car!

It was a fitting way to finish up my official summer adventures with my dear friends-and the Mad-English teacher who will be farther away now than any of us would like.

We got to wave like maniacs to the people on the other ferry!  (Oh wait, maybe that was just me!) This was so fun, usually the ferries aren't this close!  

And we all certainly found our share of joy...

**So, I wrote this several days ago, and of course I got busy and didn't get around to posting til now, so insert words that make sense: like instead of "yesterday" think, sometime earlier in the week, or possibly in the month.... you get the picture.  Work with me here.  :)

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