Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer memories: Scene 2- #HaveAnAdventure

The Mad-English teacher and I have had a great time with our #HaveAnAdventure twitter hashtag!  Of course this centered around our Denver trip, but kayaking in Lake Superior made the cut too.  Lake Superior will have to wait for another post.

One of the absolute BEST times of  the summer (the best time of all I just can't really decide on and might not be able to disclose!) was my trip to Denver, including airplane trip and snow covered mountains.  It was so chock full of firsts and awesomeness that I can hardly stand it.  And it got like, what? 4 blogposts of it own?

The thrill of seeing the airplanes take off while still in the parking garage!  so fun
Those clouds though!

To reiterate the progression of this trip:  The Mad-Art teacher had never been on an airplane before and the Mad-English teacher had offered a couple years ago (and to think we were mostly joking) to hop on a plane with me to anywhere, get out of the plane walk around at the airport and then get back on and go home.  Basically in 24 hours.  Isn't that cool?  He's such a giver. Anywho, once I made the commitment to go to Italy next summer, I decided that I needed to actually get on a plane.  So, though there were moments that we thought maybe it wouldn't happen - :P - it was decided that it was ON!  So, research was done, a location was settled on, the trip moved from one day to over night, to since we are there, we really should go do some hiking- because hiking, mountains..... seems obvious, you know?  And yeah, 4 days happened.  Our itinerary was simple: airplane, mountains, hiking, good food.  And some time in the city.  check check check check and double check.
Lookout Mountain 
Rain and hail did not spoil our afternoon!
Panorama Point, Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Snow was somehow acceptable here....

One of the best decisions of my life!  What an excellent time we had, there was really no downside or bad moments.....  The closest we had was getting rained on and having a tornado warning pop up on our phones....  It just added to the FABULOUS stories that accumulated on this trip.  I will always remember:

1. The feeling of taking off in that airplane the first time. (I loved it,  just like someone told me I would!  ;) )

2. Seeing the clouds from above.

3. The moment when we saw our first snow-capped mountain from Lookout Mountain.

4. Feeling the effects of heights when we were hiking.

5. Seeing the sign for "fight back" if attacked by a cougar.

6. Rain in the city coming off the Denver Art Museum

7. Picking up snow after that amazing drive up to Winter Park.

So many other things, but these stand out and came first to mind.

Hiking at Red Rock

Driving to 11,000 feet
Hiking at 9000 feet

My take away- what I will be relishing in as I begin my new school year- you can not wait until the time is perfect.  I realized when almost everything I loved to do was limited or eliminated for a short period, that I have to take advantage of my time and abilities and cravings for adventure.  I think the authentic Debi is the one who is out doing things that are scary.  Those are the things that stay with me.  The other night we were visiting some wonderful friends and got talking about St. Peters Dome and how the path opens up at the top with a stair step type of overlook towards Lake Superior.  One of the couple is afraid of heights (like me!) and was not happy reliving the moment when they got to the top.  I said how I was scared to death, and it is one of the reasons "clinging to trees in unusual places" came to be....  but that didn't stop me from doing it.  Anything for a great photo, you know!   And the second time I went up there (I do torture myself at times) was easier than the first.  I was able to get closer to the edges, but of course not like Adam, who peers over the drop-offs.  I can't watch.  lol.  During that discussion, I understood just how much I LOVE doing things like that, in spite of or because of these fears.  Totally different than just 5 or 6 years ago when I would NEVER have faced these mental roadblocks.  These are the times that make me feel totally thrilled and alive. The mountains were amazing!  And scary.  #HaveAnAdventure  #bringitbaby

And then get me started talking about the food we ate... but that is apparently for another post.

Colorado was an amazing, perfect trip.  The ONLY thing that could have made it better was more time there.  But we were tired and ready to go home after 4 days of shoving every moment possible full of every shred of joy that we could find.  I will go back.

A shared favorite moment with Adam- flying under the contrails....  

Random people at Lookout Mountain

Berthaud Pass

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