Wednesday, September 9, 2015

And a week later....

I had absolutely planned to blog about my first week of school before this- this is pretty typical of most of my life.  I had PLANNED to do such and such, but then something else came up and off I went.

In my case, the weather was hot and humid over the weekend, and having no air causes me to lay like a noodle off and on through the day, under the ceiling fan, and not get too much done, other than in fits and starts.   Then Monday, when it was nice, I was off on a tear, trying to get as much done as I could..... followed by a couple hours in Debi's Sunshine aka the kayak.  I still have some photo editing to do, but that's ok.  Last night I, again,  had thought about blogging, but I took off for an early evening walk, and then got distracted ie: I flung myself down willfully on the couch after 8:30 and barely moved for a while.  Tuesday is a long day, and this one was long and enjoyable, but I was tired nonetheless.  I'm thrilled to say that I slept well and am looking forward to Wednesday.

Labor Day weekend kept me busier than I anticipated.  I went to a wedding reception on Saturday, which was lovely, then a Labor Day party thing on Sunday, which was fine- albeit a bit annoying after a while, but still.  I cooked spontaneously for the Mad-Middle son and his lovely Sarah and my sweet little Grandboy.  And like I said, I got to kayak!  :)

The first week of school was fine, active and noisy, but the kids are excited and things are good in that regard.  Things at both school seem to be going fairly smoothly, so far- so good!  In some ways it seems almost like we never left, but in other ways there are huge changes in personnel so its all changed.  That is just how life seems to go, and people seem to have settled into it.

So on this little bit sleepy morning, I wish you a happy Wednesday!  I have another post begun in my mind, but I do not have the energy to write it today.  :)  So general and random it is!  And I'll throw a couple IPhone photos in for good measure.

Be a joy giver today my friends, someone might need some of yours!

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